Anime Workout DVD For The Otakus Only Into 2D Girls!


Issho ni Training is for those unhealthy otakus or hikikomori who stay home all day and shun themselves from the world and life itself. Since you are already home all day gaming and watching animes, why not do something productive for once! Work out to a sexy, adorable and fit anime character instead of those pesky womanly 3d videos!

The training instructor is Hinako-chan who will not only go over squatting, pushups and stomach exercises but will also do it in different costumes! I wonder if they will dress up in Lucky Star or K-On cosplay? I know a little too soon for K-ON! Well, if you think about it, Dance Dance Revolution has some hot 2d gals in costume and did pretty well, so I do not know how it will not succeed here! Why not, it is something different right? Who needs fresh air and a brisk run around the park right?

“New anime DVD released for otaku who (would like to) care about their physical shape.
Big eyed Hinako will train with you. 16 years old, 1.65 m, 48 kg, light, healthy, loves sports and loves anime too! Originally a human, was turned into an anime character during junior high 2nd year.Usually performs as a friend of the main character or other minor casts.”

The video is shipping out on April 24th and can be purchased here



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