Artist Spotlight: Yui Horie J-POP Singer and Anime Voice Actress


I recently stumbled onto this Japanese beauty and she is way more than just a looker!  At 32 years old, Yui Horie has accomplished so much. Not only is she a famous J-Pop singer, but a voice actress in a lot of animes. Some of which I can mention off the top of my head: Kanon (playing Ayu Tsukimiya), Love Hina (playing Naru Narusegawa) and the more recent Toradora! (as Minori Kushieda).

She is also the singer for the second opening (Silky Heart) and the first ending (Vanilla Salt) songs.  She has voiced so many characters that there are too many to list, but Wikipedia has the full list.  She has a very sweet voice and has been in so many of our beloved animes that I had to show her some love! Check out some of her music videos after the break!

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4 responses to “Artist Spotlight: Yui Horie J-POP Singer and Anime Voice Actress”

  1. knight28 says:

    Very beautiful and an amazing, talented woman.

  2. babylinda says:

    I highly concur I am driving BB crazy playing her songs over and over! I never get sick of Vanilla Salt. Have you seen Toradora! yet?

  3. knight28 says:

    I haven’t seen it yet. But I will try to check it out this weekend

  4. knight28 says:

    I jsut checked out the first episode @
    That little chick is crazy!

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