Death Note Remake “Not On Front Burner” for Zac Efron


Before all you Zac Efron haters let out a sigh of relief it seems like the Death Note Remake is kinda, sorta still in the making but a while from now and not Zac’s “main” priority at the moment. The High School Musical star was recently interviewed on on his rumored involvement with the Death Note American movie adaptation. His exact words are after the jump and I am sure it will actually make you a bit angrier and in discontent with Zac.

Efron said, “I love Death Note, and we were, kind of, working on it right now. You know, it’s not…it’s definitely not something that would be coming up soon. [Turns to Me and Orson Welles director Richard Linklater] What’s the classic answer, Rick? ‘It’s not on the front burner.’ No, no, it’s something that was … I feel like, regardless of whatever I say, it’s going to be [interpreted by the media to be] my next movie. No, it’s not. It was an idea. Who knows? I had a meeting on it.”

So there you have it Death Note fans, all we have still are rumors and nothing more as far as date and a full cast goes. Sit tight, hopefully we will have better news soon.


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17 responses to “Death Note Remake “Not On Front Burner” for Zac Efron”

  1. trish says:

    pleeease no not zac stupid head efron.. my daughter’s just discovered death note and i’m so chuffed she’s got there at last but.. what are they THINKING!? I’m so gutted there’re doin a remake anyway, but please no…

  2. l-lawliet says:

    i nearly died when i found this, we don’t need a re-make

    WHAT ARE THEY THINKING????????? GRAHHH!!!!!!!!!

  3. […] nouvelle : Zac Efron (si vous ne le connaissez pas, demandez à votre petite soeur) a indiqué en interview que le remake de Death Note auquel il est attaché n’est pas “sa priorité pour le […]

  4. L says:

    Americans can’t do anime.

    They screw everything up.

  5. DancingSushi says:

    L :
    Americans can’t do anime.
    They screw everything up.

    I agree, just look at what they did to DBZ

  6. MarthaCAREY says:

    Make your own life more easy get the personal loans and all you need.

  7. OFFICIAL death note fan says:

    to zac efron.. just stay in your high school musical movie with your lively attitude.. it gives you a more liking..

    but don’t ever lay your hands in death note.. it’s way better than what you’re thinking..

    if you really want anime.. think about what you’ve done to Dragon Ball Z.. IT REALLY SUCKS..!!!!

  8. I will cry if the Americans ruin Death Note.
    I actually will.

  9. Anya says:

    Zac Efron does angsty movies and characters fairly well. And Light Yagami is angst. All I am going to say.

  10. Anya says:

    fuck you, dude!

  11. Anya says:

    Beth Gee – Cee :
    I will cry if the Americans ruin Death Note.
    I actually will.

    stop bad mouthing americans guys!!!

  12. Relax says:

    I think people need to give Efron a chance. He’s done some fairly good acting since his musical days. He looks identical to Light.. I mean, who else could do it? I think he can. It’s not him we should be worried about, it’s whoever directs this. I mean, unless they chop and screw the storyline.. which they probably will.. then it’s not going to be good unless it’s a two part movie. I love the original DN storyline and that’s how it should remain, not some fucked version they made to cram into 2 hours.

  13. L is awesome says:

    Even though Zac looks a little bit like light I dont see him laughing hysterically when he kills someone or taking a potato chip and eating it and plus look how many changes they’re adding. istead of calling him light his new name is Luke.there are no shinigami’s no misa misa and no L quirks (walking with a slouch or biting thumb).And instead of light wanting to become the god of a new world with the power of the death note he is using it to avenge his mothers murder and the dn posseses him
    i can already tell this movieis goin to turn out to be utter crap 🙁

  14. This was scarry men.. Can t breath well, am I dead already?

  15. Zeldamiu says:

    Nooooo…Please no Zac Efron nooo … I hate Light but I don’t want to Light was Zac Efron..
    graaahhhh –”

    Srry my english is very bad x’D

  16. ~hello~ says:

    c’mon guys…it doesn’t seem THAT bad…and i’m even a litle excited…have a little more faith in your country, americans…>.<"""

  17. johnny says:

    The character’s name is Light YAGAMI, its clearly a japanese/asian name. So better hire an ASIAN AMERICAN actor! and not some white guy! Are people too fucking stupid or racist against Asian Americans actors to figure that out???

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