Death Note Remake “Not On Front Burner” for Zac Efron


Before all you Zac Efron haters let out a sigh of relief it seems like the Death Note Remake is kinda, sorta still in the making but a while from now and not Zac’s “main” priority at the moment. The High School Musical star was recently interviewed on on his rumored involvement with the Death Note American movie adaptation. His exact words are after the jump and I am sure it will actually make you a bit angrier and in discontent with Zac.

Efron said, “I love Death Note, and we were, kind of, working on it right now. You know, it’s not…it’s definitely not something that would be coming up soon. [Turns to Me and Orson Welles director Richard Linklater] What’s the classic answer, Rick? ‘It’s not on the front burner.’ No, no, it’s something that was … I feel like, regardless of whatever I say, it’s going to be [interpreted by the media to be] my next movie. No, it’s not. It was an idea. Who knows? I had a meeting on it.”

So there you have it Death Note fans, all we have still are rumors and nothing more as far as date and a full cast goes. Sit tight, hopefully we will have better news soon.


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