[UPDATED] Drum Roll Please…Haruhi Second Season Finally Begins

Updated with new ending song Tomare!

haruhi second season 003 [UPDATED] Drum Roll Please...Haruhi Second Season Finally Begins

For weeks all I have heard is the rumor of the second season of the anime coming or not coming.This was having us Haruhi fans rocking back and forth in our chairs, biting our nails nervously! Well my friends rejoice! The wait is now over you can now continue in your neet fashion as always. Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody is the name of the new episode which was shown in the midst of the rerun in the first season. Get your popcorn and rasinets! To see a sneak peak of the episode in image form, click after the jump! Updated with New Ending Song: Tomare!


pixel [UPDATED] Drum Roll Please...Haruhi Second Season Finally Begins


  1. Daniel Perez

    I can’t wait. I hope the new season lives up to the hype that was leading up to it.

  2. mrjuandrful

    I thought that one pic were Nintendo Wii controllers

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