I Almost Spit Out My Earl Grey Tea! K-ON! Anime Characters in 3-D!

Just when you thought K-ON! couldn’t get any more adorable or awesome, I see this video. I have been a lover of K-ON! since Mio was the fan favorite, I know that long ago. I have always been all about Yui though, I mean what is not to love, her aloofness, good heart, ADD, and lovable nature.

Now, sit back, relax, grab your self a cup of Earl Grey tea and a nice moist slice of strawberry shortcake and enjoy the goodness of K-ON! Now, not only in Nendoroid cartoon version, but 3-D Nendoroid cartoon version!  They sing and play such hits as , “My love is a stapler”, “Fuwa Fuwa Time”, and Cagayake Girls.

It is very, very cute and deserves way more than 300 views, hell watch it to see Azunyan’s tan alone.

Click after the jump for some adorableness!

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