Movie Review: Devil May Cry Animated Series

Devil May Cry Anime


In honor of Marvel vs Capcom 3 being released I’d thought I’d do a review of The Devil May Cry Animated Series. Brought to us by FUNimation studios by way of MadHouse studios, directed by Shin Itagaki, it depicts Dante’s life in the human world as a private investigator/odd jobs man.

You quickly learn that Dante likes to sleep, read magazines, loves pizza and strawberry sundaes, and sucks very badly at gambling. He so bad at gambling that it only increases his ever growing debt to his friends and any store that he buys from. Of course it doesn’t help that any job he takes ends up being more complex than the client imagined, so in some cases loses out on payment. Though the jobs seem random at first, there is an underlying conspiracy that slowly begins to unravel as you get closer to the end of the series.The series doesn’t really touch any of the games past history, but does bring into light a part of Dante’s childhood and small piece of his father’s past.

DMC regulars Lady and Trish make several appearances throughout the series, each or sometimes both, requiring Dante’s help with a “job” or providing him with adequate back up. Trish and Lady serve as Dante’s equals, they are both these badass devil hunters who can hold their own without requiring much help from Dante. They do have a flair for fashion, but you quickly forget that. Two new characters who have not appeared in the game, but are series regulars his agent J.D. Morrison who gets Dante his jobs, fixes certain things around The Devil May Cry HQ, and or course Dante owes him some money. you would expect him to be somewhat of a father figure for Dante, but he is more as just a trusted friend Dante can rely on. Then there’s Patty Lowell, a young orphan Dante comes into contact with after a job.  She is as girly as you can get, even decorating Dante’s office in pink ribbons and various other cute things. She is also kinda his janitor since Dante has no desire to do any cleaning up whatsoever. One would think a character like here would be annoying, but they paced her just right that you actually like her character.

The animation quality is superb. The shots at night and day are extremes of each other, they way you would expect it from a game like DMC. The environments don’t really give you much detail as to what year it maybe, but they are beautifully detailed. When watching the DMC anime it is exactly what you expect action wise, very fast paced and exciting. It may not be that deep of a story, but it will definitely keep you entertained. If you have Netflix I would recommend viewing on the instant queue.

Dante voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese) & Justin Cause (English), Trish voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese) & Luci Christian (English), Lady voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese) & Melissa Davis (English), Patty Lowell voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese) & Hilary Haag (English), J.D. Morisson voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese) & Rob Mungle (English)

Dante (ダンテ?)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese), Justin Cause (English)




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