Scariest and Bloodiest Anime of All time: Elfen Lied

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elfen lied wallpaper Scariest and Bloodiest Anime of  All time: Elfen Lied

If you love the goriest of the gore, violence, nudity and torment then  Elfen Lied is the anime of choice for you.

Basically it is a cross between  Fight Club, Friday the 13th and any movie you can think of where the main character  becomes evil and demented because of the way she is treated and  tormented by others.

It revolves on an evolved form of Humans named Diclonius, Unlike normal human beings they have cat like horns on the type of their heads and vectors ( 2 extra invisible limbs) that can basically rip apart any living thing limb from limb.

The first of the race is Lucy, she is held in a facility where she is meant to spend the rest of her life in until she escapes in one of the bloodiest ,  most violent  and graphic scenes I have seen in my entire life. From that point on you are hooked, as she escapes in all her flesh and gory. She soon after  gets shot in the head  by one of the guards chasing her ,which causes her to have a split personality named Nyuu, the kinder and gentler side of her.

Through the entire anime she is sought after by the scientists  from that facility and is thrown into the human world  where she deals with social alienation, cruelty and abuse from the other children and adults alike because of her difference in appearance and ability.You go on her story and a few others of her kind and see what decisions and behaviors they choose to take due to their surroundings in the human world.

Will Lucy learn to use her telekinitic  powers for good or will she use them to wipe out the entire human race? Will her alter ego Nyuu take over  after she meets the only kind friend in the world or will he/she betray her like all the others? You have to watch the anime to find out, it is so good that I believe it should be made into the next Cult American Scary movie! Watch the trailer here

pixel Scariest and Bloodiest Anime of  All time: Elfen Lied

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