Top 5 Animes I Highly Recommend! See If Yours Made The List!

1. Chobits


Chobits revolves an alternate reality where robots and humans coexist, we are actually closer to this reality nowadays then we think! The robots in this series are called persacoms and they help humans in their day to day errands. Some happen to be maids, nurses, hand held devices as well as companions and lovers. There was a special persacom named (Chi) , that was thrown away onto the street. A poor college boy  from the country named (Hideki) finds her, makes her his own, boots her up in a peculiar way and takes care of her at his home. Chi you later find out is no ordinary persacom, she is one without a disk and is programmed to have human emotions , the main one being love. This anime is filled with laughter, drama, and  romance. Could a human really fall in love with a persacom? Why don’t you find out! This was one of the first animes that hooked  me in to the otaku world and still one of my favorites. That is why it is number 1!

2. Death Note


Death note could have easily been the first on my list, it was a very close call. The story revolves  around Light, a college student who finds a notebook lying on the ground coined “Death Note”. He “reluctantly” picks it up and that is when havoc ensues! Light can basically  write anyone’s name down in the book with his or her face in mind and kill him or her off with the jot of a pen. Later on it becomes a whole moral issue on who he kills, why and a very entertaining cat and mouse game between Light and a detective names L. Think of CSI and Law & Order multiplied by a thousand. It is one of the most exciting intellectual dramas I have encountered and extremely recommended!

3. Clannad/ Clannad After Story


Number three has to be Clannad and Clannad After Story, I had to group them together because you cannot watch one without seeing the other! They are that good! If you are into animes with love, drama and one that will truly make you bring out the waterworks, this is certainly it! I have never had an anime or show for that matter touch me in every episode. The first  installment of Clannad revolves around highschool students the main two though being Tomoya and Nagisa. Tomoya is a delinquent and Nagisa is a sweet yet shy girl who is very sickly and without a friend due to the fact that she has to keep repeating her school year.  Their lives cross paths and they meet a lot of interesting friends in the way. They truly though touch each and every other characters life in the anime and they both  give each other strength. The most touching moments for me are those that revolves around their family members. If  you love animes filled with laughter, fantasy and touching moments these two are it. Clannad After Story without giving to much away is the continuation of Clannad but after highschool! I would say the college and working years, that is all I am going to say. If you thought you cried in Clannad, Woah mama will you cry in After Story!

4. Elfen Lied


If you love the goriest of the gore, violence, nudity and torment then  Elfen Lied is the anime of choice for you.Basically it is a cross between  Fight Club, Friday the 13th and any movie you can think of where the main character  becomes evil and demented because of the way she is treated and  tormented by others.It revolves on an evolved form of Humans named Diclonius, Unlike normal human beings they have cat like horns on the type of their heads and vectors ( 2 extra invisible limbs) that can basically rip apart any living thing limb from limb.The first of the race is Lucy, she is held in a facility where she is meant to spend the rest of her life in until she escapes in one of the bloodiest ,  most violent  and graphic scenes I have seen in my entire life. From that point on you are hooked, as she escapes in all her flesh and gory. She soon after  gets shot in the head  by one of the guards chasing her ,which causes her to have a split personality named Nyuu, the kinder and gentler side of her.Through the entire anime she is sought after by the scientists  from that facility and is thrown into the human world  where she deals with social alienation, cruelty and abuse from the other children and adults alike because of her difference in appearance and ability.You go on her story and a few others of her kind and see what decisions and behaviors they choose to take due to their surroundings in the human world.

5. Michiko to Hatchin


Last but certainly not least is Michiko to Hatchin, it is basically an anime  revolving around a drop dead gorgeous, escaped convict (Michiko), who begins rescuing a 9 year old, abused child (Hatchin) from a Priest and his family who aren’t as nice as you would think. The backdrop to the story is based out of a country that resembles that of Mexico or Latin America. It is vividly colorful and very entertaining, filled with innuendos, laughs, gun shots, romance, chases etc. The most memborable moments for all you men out there may be all the sexiness which is the main character “Michiko”! Every day that passes her outfits seem to be getting skimpier and skimper! If you love car chases, escaped convincts, and sexy  females this anime is defintley for you. It is probabaly the most unique I have seen! Has a pretty awesome soundtrack also.

Honorable Mentions:

Peach Girl


This anime is more addictive then crack,  if you love soap operas, love triangles and drama this is one for you! I seriously could not stop watching it! A girl on the swim team named (Momo) is teased and tortured by students because of her tanned appearance as they mistake her to be a tanning salon addict who sleeps around. She still though becomes the love interest of two very different fellows. Who will she pick, you do not know until the very end!

Soul Eater


The synopsis is set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters, the series revolves around 3 groups of each a weapon meister and a human weapon. The main characters are played by the students in this school. There mission is to rid the world of evil meisters that devour the souls of humans which is forbidden against in “Death City” and by the Shinigami. There is a lot of ass kicking, cool moves and comedy.



If you love Clannad, Kannon would be the anime of choice for you! it is very heart warming, playful and filled with fantasy and love!  It has more fantasy elements more than anything and is defitnley one you should check out. That is if you love to laugh but mostly cry and go aww!

Nodame Cantabile


It is a classical musical anime, I did not know it existed until I saw it! It has gotten mixed reviews but I quite like it! If you love classical music, comedy and sillyness pick this up, its cute! The is also just a tad bit of a love story thrown in the mix, nothing to crazy! You will also  grow to love Nodame and her expressions while playing the piano.

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7 responses to “Top 5 Animes I Highly Recommend! See If Yours Made The List!”

  1. knight28 says:

    Death Note is an amazing Anime. Great story telling from start to finish.

  2. al00004 says:

    Which Kanon did you mean? The 2002 version by Toei Animation, or the 2006 one by Kyoto Animation?

  3. CU_azn says:

    Personally, I think Clannad+After Story should have topped the list, and that Death Note is overrated, but everyone has their own personal shticks. =)

  4. CU_azn says:

    Personally, I think Clannad+After Story should have topped the list, and that Death Note is overrated, but everyone has their own personal shticks. =)

  5. Mauricio says:



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