Toy’sworks Toradora! Set of 7 Figures Up For Pre-Order!


Can’t get enough of Toradora!? Neither can I!  I sadly finished the anime about a month ago and I just cannot part with the adorable crew.  So what do you do in a situation like that? You buy tons of merchandise to keep them close to your Otaku heart, like these cuties here!

The fine people at Toy’sworks are bringing us two versions of Minori and Ami and 3 versions of the lovely Taiga! That is 7 figures total for the mere price of $35!  They measure approximately 4-6 cm (1.5 – 2.3 inches), and are available for pre-order, though you have to wait for your little friends in the mail until August.

If you do not like to procrastinate, you can order your own collection here!


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