iPad 2 Officially Announced

Apple Inc. today officially announced their latest tablet, the iPad 2.  CEO Steve Jobs made his way to the unveiling stating, he did not want to miss this.  Available to ship on March 11th, the new iPad 2 will come in both white and black.

NEW Ipad 2 Specs:

A5 Chip
Dual Core
2x Faster CPU
9x Faster Graphics
Dual Video Cameras
33% Thinner (Thinner than Iphone 4)
10 Hours of Battery Life (Same as before)

Wifi 16GB 499
Wifi 32GB 599
Wifi 64GB 699

Wifi+3G 16GB 629
Wifi+3G 32GB 729
Wifi+3G 64GB 829

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One response to “iPad 2 Officially Announced”

  1. msgiggLess says:

    The white one looks hot! very slick looking. I looove apple products 🙂

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