iPad Review: SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case


We love the iPad 2. The much needed front and rear camera are great but it feels naked. Apple’s smart cover has done an average job initially but there are many things wrong with it including it’s $40 price tag. So let’s take a look at the cover I currently have on my iPad 2. It’s called the SD TabletWear Advanced Case and its doing a good job.

For starters, the SD Advanced case is made of pleather (faux leather) and protects the entire iPad 2 including the sides and back. I was afraid it would bulk up the new slimmer iPad 2 and it did thicken it slightly. Actually I’d rather the grip it provided than the thinner iPad 2 by itself in my hand. All the holes are accessible for charging and rebooting the iPad along with the volume controls. The front and rear camera holes line up pretty good as long as you snugly fit the iPad 2 inside the case with the velcro provided. However, the rear camera was not convenient to use since the case had to stay open like a book. Unlike Apple’s smart cover, this case can not bend in half to allow for easy picture taking.

Now the aspect I was looking forward to the most were the viewing angles. I read there were 20 angles from nearly upright to reading it on your desk. I had a slight problem wedging the back flap into the slotted groves. Depending on the angle, it would either fit in after I applied some pressure or slide right out of the slot to lay flat. If they widened the slots to a 5 angled case, there would be plenty of room and less slippage.


The SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 case also works in conjunction with the integrated magnets with the iPad 2. That means it will preserve your battery life when the lid is closed. It seems minor but my battery life on the iPad 2 is not that great to begin with so this case preserves it nicely. Speaking of magnets, both the viewing angle flap and the clasp to close the case close with magnets.


When opened, the case acts like a notebook. There are slots on the non-iPad side that you can store business cards with felt lining the inside but alas no pen loop for storage, lol, just kidding. If you’re looking for a cost effective product, the SD TabletWear Advanced case is a good choice. It comes in; black, white, purple, pink and red. And for those in the UK it’s £19.95. For those in the US, you’ll pay around $32.

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