iWet T-shirt App on iPhone is iTease


I feel wet, not so much here or here, right there!

Yes, we will continue to see all forms of Apple iPhone apps hit the apple store. No you can’t stop it. But why would you? For $0.99 everyone should have an application that takes a hose and can soak a hot model’s t-shirt and expose her… red bra? What the heck?


While I’m not sure what creep will find this app appealing to them, but we do know we’d like to test it just to make sure it’s as creepy as we think it is.  I mean come on, you take your nozzle and spray the chicks until their shirts are so wet their see-thru.  Who would want to do this?  It’s despicable I tell ya.  But I’m guessing the money is going towards something good like… colored v-necks or mayonnaise.


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One response to “iWet T-shirt App on iPhone is iTease”

  1. babylinda says:

    What the hell! Oh the Iphone and how I hate thee and all it’s users! haha

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