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Destiny Gunsmith Armsday Orders and Test Weapons for July 26, 2017 Listed

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another Destiny Armsday Foundry Orders and Test Weapon list here on PlayStation LifeStyle. Grind your Gunsmith reputation to level 1 or higher using the weapon bounties for access to new cool weapons. These will be delivered the following Wednesday. Each order costs 2,500 glimmer. 01 02 03 04 05 06…

Death Squared – A better look at the upcoming hats

You like 🎩? We give you the 🎩! Death Squared very important hat update coming soon! — SMG Studio (@smgstudio) July 26, 2017 It’s a very tough choice, but I might have to go with apple and worm as my favorite. That frog is really good too, though! Thanks…

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Nintendo Q1 2018 results – 4.7M Switch LTD/67M 3DS LTD, Pokemon Switch 2018 or later, release calendar & more

Net Sales: ¥154,069 million ($1.38 billion), 148.6% increase YoY Operating Income: ¥16,208 million ($145 million) Profit: ¥21,260 million ($190 million) Nintendo Switch Hardware: 1.97 million for the quarter/ 4.7 million LTD Software: 8.14 million for the quarter/ 13.6 million LTD 3DS Hardware: 950k for the quarter/ 67.08 million LTD Software:…

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Namco Museum – file size

Wondering how much space Namco Museum will take up on your Switch? You might expect it to be a modest file size, considering how most of the games are quite old. Somehow Bandai Namco got the file size up to 876MB. I guess it has to do with the inclusion…

Dragon Ball: FighterZ Closed Beta Sign-Ups Delayed

Sign ups for the Dragon Ball: FighterZ closed beta have been pushed from July 26 to August 22. Publisher Bandai Namco announced the delay on its Facebook page, stating that the team had decided to expand the capacity of the closed beta in an effort to let more players in….