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Top Ten RPG Video Games of All-Time

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life playing RPGs.  JRPGs and Western RPGs are certainly my favorite game genres. Before you start complaining about the fact that Fallout 3 and Mass Effect are nowhere to be found on my list, you need to realize that neither game is really an RPG.  Both are closer …

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Sony PS3 Dropping To $199?

CM Capture 1

This may be entirely too good to be true, but it looks like the PS3 is either dropping it’s base model to $199 or there’s a typo on Sony Style.  Check out the link, scroll down to the bottom right and tell me what you see!  It says under Sony PS3 that it is “Starting …

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Blade Kitten: Who’s Buying?


Lately, I’ve lost most of my interest in Xbox LIVE Arcade, Virtual Console and PSN.  For the most part, it becomes a nostalgic money sink where you’re rarely picking up games that are unique and actually worth the cost.  One game that has recently piqued my interest is ‘Blade Kitten’ which will be released in …

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Olivia Munn & The Daily Show: My Thoughts


Strange things have been happening in the universe lately. One of those strange things included Olivia Munn (one of my favorite people from the video game world) joining The Daily Show, which happens to be my primary source for real-world news. Her debut as “Senior Asian Correspondent” was probably one of the most entertaining moments …

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Elder Scrolls V: E3 Surprise?


I am an absolute fiend for Elder Scrolls. The first two were great experiences for me, Morrowind completely captivated me and Oblivion sealed the deal. Even though I have done everything you can possibly do with Oblivion several times and on every platform the game was released on, I am tempted to throw the game …

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