30 responses to “Caption Contest: 5 First Strike Black Ops DLC codes for Xbox 360”

  1. Pikemoney

    Caption=Looks like size does matter !!!!!
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  2. Darren

    Doctor, I don’t think this was suppose to happen when I popped that bottle of Viagra!

  3. Conner

    Looks like masturbation finally took its toll.

  4. knight28

    Now you die at my ginormous hands of doom!

  5. Ashlin

    Your Kung-Fu is no match for my steroid injected hands.

  6. Shadow

    Its gonna be pretty interesting when you need to wipe your butt!

  7. Steven

    Welcome to the final stage of Super Smash Bros.

  8. gsebastian

    If you think my hands are big, just wait until I whip THIS out!

  9. gabethegrand

    I can’t send emails, but I can kick your ass!

  10. ilRadd

    Damn peanut alergy!

    Twitter: ilRadd
    Facebook: Mark Monzo

  11. Jesse

    This fight will be a handful

  12. Doug M

    My pimp hand is strong and huge

  13. Doug M

    @killerMuppet and Doug Minall for above commet

  14. Nathan Handy

    Doctor, Quit telling me to look at the eye chart on the wall I told you I’m here for another reason….

  15. Nate

    I’m so angry these hands keep getting bigger while smart phones keep getting smaller. Have you seen me try to open an app I go to click one and click the whole screen and my iPhone just crashes.

  16. Nate

    I told you to keep your hands off my desk now you have all my post-it notes all over your gargantuan hands. Prepare to die, sideshow!

    *It didn’t say how many times we could comment*

  17. Aaron Mazza

    “When I asked for a hand job, this isn’t what I had in mind.”

  18. Victus Inferi

    In the black slums of the Tokyo office life, Jackie Chan IS Nick Li, a man haunted by his past in the PR department, a man with no hope for the future of humanity.NOW, he has been given a second chance to redeem himself and face off against his greatest enemy, Hugo Palms from Marketing. THIS SUMMER, he will prove to himself, and to others, who is… THE ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND OFFICE FIGHTER! Based on a true story.

  19. J03L

    Ill have a big advantage when typing my caption for the caption contest.(Starts typing:ooiuuh4789onhijdvfn;ija89y489y47901oijnijpmn0n 3v3)

  20. Robert

    Big hands equal big pleasure.

  21. Cotie

    Not the best genetics I see? Do you know Eric Clapton?

  22. BatmansBatarang

    First Guy: “Oh, what big hands you have..”


  23. Eddie Fry

    “I told you, I, I just don’t think I am ready for this Dr. Chu!

    Now now Mr. Tibit, this is your 3rd Rescheduling for your Prostate exam, Lets just get this over with, shall we?


    Want to thumb wrestle?

  25. Justin mattox

    that’s what u call Black Ops going to your hands

  26. Jim

    ‘Your Judo chop is no match for my GIANT FUCKING HANDS!’

  27. Manuel Esparza

    Guy on left: You know… you’ve really improved in your… HAND-TO-HAND combat.
    Guy on right: Oh yeah?! Well… your …. uh…
    Guy on left: No really, you’ve gotten way good, I gotta … HAND it to you!
    Guy on right: Yes… and… uh….
    Guy on left: That’s quite the KNUCKLE SANDWH—

    (Twitter is mooseifer69 and Facebook name is Manuel Esparza)

  28. Justin mattox

    BP oil “Were sorry”

  29. Leon

    How am I supposed to wipe with these hands?

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