Caption Contest: Black Ops First Strike PS3 DLC Codes

We’re handing out five (5) Black Ops: First Strike PS3 DLC codes.  Although the XBox 360 got it one month ago, now it’s the PlayStation 3’s turn.  Your job is simple.  Tweet and click on our Facebook “Like” button for entry and submit a caption below. I’ve must have used the word infamous for every caption contest we’ve ever ran.  So this time I won’t use infamous.  “Infamous?  Si.  It means, evil, murdering, all like you said! And it will save you money!”  <- Two points for figuring out that caption.  Back to our contest.  We always get good comments, plenty of views of those posts, so they’re our most popular posts on  Keep them notorious!

Have fun with your comments and the winners will be picked based on the funniest captions.

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Readers Comments (43)

  1. Layla suddenly remembered there was no respawn points in RL……..

  2. Sum Ting Wong?

  3. Charlie Sheen’s goddess #3 caught *attempting* to escape. Guess she didn’t have enough tiger blood in her!

  4. Man: Hey baby ill save you
    Lady: ok honey
    Man: Bitch STFU and get back to the house in nuketown and make me a sandwich

  5. GUY: “so uh…You wanna go out sometime?”
    LADY: “Are you f***ing crazy, help me up!”
    GUY: “Eh.”


  6. Can you hear me now?

  7. Man: luckily i wank with my right arm
    Women: did i really need to know that?
    Man: do i really need to be dangling in the fucking air holding on too your fat ass?

  8. “This couple goes to great lengths to get AT&T reception.”

  9. Seriously lady, the zombies were not breaking in your place. The kid next door was just playing COD Black Ops.

  10. The human crane game. Just insert a quarter and you can win a prize too!

  11. lulz.. all ur lifes are belong to me!

  12. suicide….
    china’s only cure for rush hour

  13. “Ma’am, whatever you do, DON’T DROP THE CELL PHONE!”

  14. After Kim found out that the Xbox has had the First Strike Maps for a month already, she attempted to commit suicide but in doing so found out that New York City has upped it’s anti-suicide team with Bungie-jumping asians on every rooftop. Sorry Kim!

  15. Man Package incoming

  16. I love this new job, picking up chicks is easy as pie.

    See, like fish in a barrel

  17. Chinese spiderman hit by budget cutbacks !

  18. William Sangrea March 3, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

    WTF kind’ve rescue attempt is this?

  19. AT&T drops another call

  20. I told you not to interrupt me when i’m playing First Strike

  21. Caption is. Give me a First strike code

  22. Ive got a fun ship into my enemy man -package

  23. GODZILLA!!!

  24. Naruto does exist!!!

  25. man: mmmm gotcha bitch….
    woman: NOOOOOO!!!!

  26. just hanging around

  27. William Sangrea March 4, 2011 @ 12:27 am

    “Ouuch A-hole! WTF kind’ve rescue attempt is this?”

  28. Guy: I am going to get brain damage if you dont stop moving I keep hitting my head on this bar.

    Girl: Well if you had not of farted near me I wouldn’t of run away and fell over the edge now would I.

  29. “Pictured above is the daring rescue made by Mr.Watsisfaec after an emergency call from a worried husband that found out his wife was missing from the kitchen”.

  30. Also, if you meant figure out where the quote you mentioned (“Infamous? Si. It means…”) came from, Tres amigos

  31. The question is, What would Chuck Norris do in this Predicament?

  32. First time playing an FPS game online.

  33. “my precious”

  34. Guy: “My name is Viktor Reznov, and I will have my revenge”

    Girl: Don’t do it! They brainwashed you !…. I Hate those fucking NUMBERS!!!

  35. William Sangrea March 14, 2011 @ 4:16 pm

    Ahh! You scared me.

  36. Oh great! I need to scratch my nose!

  37. Guy: Hey just wanted to ask where you got those boots at?

    Girl: Y the hell u asking about my boots at a time like this?!

    Guy: I just realized tonight’s my wife’s anniversary and I didn’t buy her a present and those would look great on her.

    Girl: Well the boutique I bought them ran out of.

    Guy: Well hate to put u in a position like this but can I take those from you to give to her. I mean I am saving your life you know…

    Girl: Hell no. These cost $350!

    Guy: I don’t know if you know this but my hand is slipping right now when you said that.

    Girl: That’s extortion!

    Guy: No my wife threatening to light my manga collection on fire while not buying her shoes is extortion!

    girl: fine! (cries & whimpers)

  38. Oh my God! Stop screaming! I bet I can do at least 3 more chin-ups before I lose my grip on you…

  39. Man: “I can haz your cellphone?”
    Girl: “Oh noes not the c3llph0n3!1!one!”

  40. who won the codes?????

  41. William Sangrea April 22, 2011 @ 2:18 am

    Did I win, but I just haven’t been notified?

  42. “Nooooo let go and let me fall to my death. My iPhone said I didn’t win the Black Ops caption contest!”

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