Be a Kool Kat With Mac Cosmetics Hello Kitty Kouture !



Hey girlies , if you want to have  one of the best quality makeup lines out there but still bring out  your anime and cutsey side, take a look at this! sure has a treat for you in their Hello Kitty Kouture line!  This just out is their oh so fab and high class,  Hello Kitty  Sheer Mystery Powder Compact!

The ultra-luxe way to be pampered and playful! Announcing our limited-edition, glittering Swarovski crystal compacts, the collection privé of Kitty Kouture world. The ultimate in exclusivity, a sophisticated client’s social status is all but assured!

You know you would be the envy of all your friends and definitely be a  Kool Kat sporting this hot accessory in your purse! Not only that but you will be able to look flawless to see the showing of Watchmen this Friday ! It retails for $90.00 , so get them while they are hot! The site also has a huge array of other Hello Kitty accessories and even a Hello Kitty sweepstakes for a chance to win tons of Hello Kitty prizes for just installing a widget!

Oh and  by the way if $90 is to steep for you , you can try the Hello Kitty Dazzle Glass lipgloss for only $28!

 hello kitty

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  1. i hate to admit this but i went to MAC last night and checked this out already… I use to collect hello kittys’ way back so I had to check it out.. didn’t get the powder but i got a lipgloss! lol 🙂

  2. Haha !I knew of some people that may have appreciated this you and a certain other mac fanatic I know of!

  3. LOL!!! Thanks Babylinda! You know if it’s Mac I’ll get it no matter what the outside looks like!

  4. You say that like the outside is a bad thing mzit11! lol

  5. Not at all! All I’m saying is the outside could look like a friggin turd for all I care! LOL!! Not a nice visual at all by the way!!!!

  6. Lmao@ turd, I am visualizing it now!

  7. How bout a logo of women cleaning the dishes?

  8. Don’t start your masochistic ways Mr.Juaaaaanderful

  9. haha good one mzitt11! a turd? I didn’t see that one coming! LOL…
    and mrjuandrful… why am i not shock???? 😀

  10. The Hello Kitty collection rocks, have seen the other hello cosmetic products that they release in collaboration with MAC cosmetics. I’m not a hello kitty fan, but this new collaboration makes me more excited than them.

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