Better Late Then Never, PerezStart’s View & Pics of NYCC & NYAF 2010 Baby!

First of all, I would like to say that I am both fans of the Anime and Comics world. You would think mixing the two loves would be a great thing and in ways it was and a lot of ways it was a tough decision on NYAF’s part, but I would rather take NYAF being around then the convention all together be shafted and disappear entirely. The event took place from Friday October 8th – Sunday October 10th.  We packed our bags and strapped up our Velcro sneakers and made it for the weekend!

Day 1 Saturday

The first day  for me was Saturday, I was with fellow PerezStart members Daniel & Juan Perez. I was dressed as Yui from K-ON!, but barely got any recognition or attention. When I did, it was by the likes of an Afro Samurai cosplayer that attempted to lift me and almost fainted.  Trust me, I am not a heifer you guys, but jeeze!

Anywhoo, we arrived at 10:30am for the Hatsune Miku concert, but we were told we were not going to be able to fit in the concert since the Comic-Con staff obviously underestimated the popularity of Hatsune Miku. At 11:30, we proceeded to cruise the floor where we were able to squeeze through the claustrophobic aisles and meet up with Erick Scarecrow, the very talented and down to earth fellow who makes those gnarly Soopa Maria figures and others I post about. I wound up purchasing a WET-SUIT Maria for my collection, which is basically an awesome Japanese girl version of Mario in a frog suit.

Daniel also purchased a pretty awesome Tokidoki vs. Streetfighter shirt at nearby vendor Tokidoki and I the hat version, both $40 beans, but truly worth it for their awesomeness.

Another fun stop was at the Anime Network booth and their Photo-op with “real live” zombies from High School of the Dead. I must say Daniel’s version kicked much more butt than mine.

To be honest we did not make it to many of the panels.  I spent a good time lost and trying to get reception to meet up with various friends of mine.  I could not believe that the coverage for Verizon cellphones did not work in the Javits center and surrounding buildings.

Meanwhile some of the awesome Cosplayers that I met in the aisles were Celty from Durarara!, a male version of Sailor Moon, (my favorite), Megatron from Transformers, Lion-O from Thundercats, among others that can be seen in the pics.

I also got a sweet Dexter cartoon shirt which was a mix of Dexter the cartoon and the awesome show that I cannot get enough on Netflix, Netflix I love you! Free subscription? No, Ok?

To be honest we did not get to go into any panels. All the meeting up to a great while as well as cruising the ailes for game demos and goods in the Comic Con end of it, I got to see the preview of “Thor -The video game” developed by SEGA which was pretty bad ass and a good stop to rest my aching footsies.

We ended the day off with The Minori Chihara concert, which everyone received glow sticks to fist pump away. It was a wonderful concert and exposed Juan (mrjuandrul) to Japanese music for the first time, little by little Daniel (BB) & I are exposing him into our Otaku lifestyle. Anyway, amazing concert, I was surprised to know that she not only sang on The melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya but also sang the opening for Minami-ke.

Everyone was feeling the techno grooves and love ballads especially some Japanese dude that was professing his love to Minori in the crowds, I wish him the best of luck, maybe he will get her just yet.

Next was the Masquerade which to me the highlight was the pop-locking Mario concert, Uncle-Joe was inspirational to all Otakus in the audience but some his jokes, fly right by. Mario Bueno, has a decent voice but is developing a big head fast. One of my favorite costumes that I saw was the Thor costume, we left before I got to see the Steam Punk Iron man that won the show unfortunately, se la vie. Honestly not a fan of most of the skits, I rather it just be performances and catwalk.

Day 2 Sunday

This day we got to bring fellow Perezstart member, Melissa Perez (Mrjuandrful’s) wife to NYCC. The first day she and the baby would have been stampeded on as she is pregnant and there were many too nerds for her to move safely about. Luckily it was family day and a lot less crowded.

This day I was dressed a sexy version of Chun-Li and was being stopped left and right for pictures, despite 50 other Chun-Li’s walking about. First things first I met up with fellow Streetfighters, Cammy & Chun-Li (black dress version), I took an epic picture with them which can be found above and was booby punched by the Chun-Li in black, I shall find her and seek my revenge.

We proceeded to play Xbox’s Kinect which was pretty neat, and I totally sucked at as well . I also got take a pic with another Chun-Li, Captain America and Cammy at that photo booth.

Next we all previewed Donkey Kong Country Returns, which has a lot of similarities to the old version which I loved with souped up graphics, we have a pic or two below. Sorry for sneezing into the controller future users, my bad. But come on that has to be better than an indirect kiss from Chun-Li, no? Those who are anime fans know the obsession the Japanese culture has with indirect kisses and pantsu, but that is another story. There are animes simply revolving around pantsu, and them flying in unison like a flock of geese.

Next, the PerezStart team headed to the Fox booth for a very funny photo-op with the new Family Guy It’s a Trap! background. We went to do a few more photo ops, buy more goodies, and then we went to which I believe was the Artist Alley were we saw Lou Ferigno, ‘The Hulk” and Janet from “Three’s Company” at their own booth signings. I also took a shot with a 10 ft Avatar “Na’vi” person. It was a great time for Melissa who loves B list celebrities.

All in all it was a fun time, I do not mind the NYAF & NYCC being mixed but perhap have the genres on their seperate floors or space everything out a bit better, and Otakus & Geeks enough with this silly war between Comics & Anime, they both go hand in hand and we are all nerds deep down who are fanatics of what we love, whether it be games, anime, comics, cosplaying.

Very inspiring costumes, medicore food at the Food Court, accept for that glorious Vanilla cupcake which I have dreams about. Sorry it took a while getting this up I actually was busy being an Exhibitor at HDWorld which was that coming Wed-Thurs, that and being proposed to Daniel Perez (BB) outside Mitsuwa Marketplace this past Friday. Dang this ring is heavy, cannot write anymore….

Anywhoo check out pics below, Ja ne!

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