“Call of Duty XP” Convention Coming In September

Do you eat, sleep and crap Call of Duty? If so, you’ll like to know that Activision will be holding it’s first Call of Duty fan convention in Los Angeles. It’s called Call of Duty XP and it will take place on September 2nd and 3rd with tickets going for $150 for the two days. They have yet to announce the venue but more information will be revealed on July 12th with tickets going on sale July 19th.

The event will be filled with everything you ever want out of Call of Duty but with emphasis on hands-on gaming with Modern Warfare 3. You can also compete in a $1 Million dollar tournament and play through an actual Modern Warfare 2 level, The Pit, with paintball guns. I’m not sure how athletic these Call of Duty players are but I can assure you they’ll be dressed like pros!

And when you get hungry, MW2’s Burger Town will be there serving food. Here’s there description of the fast food restaurant distributing cow meat patty’s: “Working out your trigger finger really works up an appetite. So grab burgers and fries at Burger Town. It’s time to eat like a soldier, sort of.”

Will you attend this years Call of Duty XP -a-con?


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