Comic Con Chicks 2009

dscn2218 400x300 Comic Con Chicks 2009

This is not even close to my post on “Cosplay Cleavage Pics”, but I figured YOU the viewers should decide.  Do you think Comic Con 2010 should be in the hot slaving summer, rather than the cold dreary winter?  Drop a comment…

pixel Comic Con Chicks 2009


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  1. Carlos Macias

    “She must work out” to the girl
    playing “Rock Band.”

  2. Feeblebrain66

    yea that’s the first thing i notice the “buff” arm’s on rock band drummer, and yes it should be in hot summer weather.

  3. mrjuandrful

    I’m a fan of the rear view, and boy was there some of that there. “What Honey? Nothing, just looking up some stocks online” Whew, that was a close one…

  4. Jon

    @Carlos Macias
    yeah, she’s a pro wrestler…

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