Hands-On: Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare

Undead Nightmare

This past weekend PerezStart.com went to the New York Comic Con 2010.  We ate some Nuts4Nuts.  Were asked for change.  And even saw a topless bodypainter, who I don’t know what character she was cosplaying.  But by far the most mysterious setup goes to RockStar and their Undead Nightmare booth.  Our impressions of the new single player DLC, Undead Nightmare, should have you asking “When’s it coming?”.

Undead Nightmare introduces a couple of new features to the single player.  For starters, two new weapons — a torch and a blunderbus.  Let’s talk a bit about the latter.  The blunderbus is a cavalry weapon that could be filled with just about anything and shot towards the enemy.  Picking up random items such as bones, rocks or nails makes this weapon the most versatile of John Marston’s guns.  The single player already had the moltov cocktail but now have introduced another fire breathing weapon, the torch.  We swung the torch at Zombies and watched them as they fried as quick as a deep fried Twinkie.  Damn those are good!

There will be several types of Zombies as well.  Some are slow and strong, others can run towards you very quickly leaving you little time for reaction. For our demo, we had to light up all the graves within a fenced in farm.  The more we lit, the more Zombies chased us around.  At one point, running backwards and shooting was our only defense.

Undead Nightmare

The new world of Undead Nightmare will not only bring zombies but many animals will also be zombified too.  Horses, Mountain Lions and even Bears will have that demon blood within.  Have you ever looked so cool, riding a dead horse?  Check the pic above for approval of “coolness”.

It will be priced at 800 Microsoft points (MS) and $9.99 for the PlayStation Network (PSN).  The more important question is “When?”.  We asked our RockStar rep and she responded “Soon”.  I mentioned it would be great to get this DLC before Halloween and I didn’t get a response but I’ll put my lucky buffalo nickel it will.

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