New York Comic Con 2009 Pt. 2


The booths I was looking for in particular was EA, Activision and THQ.  I first watched as a young kid played as Hulk Hogan, in the upcoming Legends of Wrestlemania (LOW).  THQ has always developed great wrestling games going back to WCW vs. NWO, by far the best controls in any wrestling games hands down.


Rope to the face, will cause a burning sensation

To know they’re working on LOW assured me that the gameplay would be great.  Not so fast though.  After a 20 minute wait, I finally got a chance to play.  Only two characters to choose from I chose Andre the Giant over Hulk Hogan.  Let me first say that the graphics (360) were spectacular and even the crowd was a great noticeable eye catching aspect of the game.  Now the controls on the other hand were not the same as the aforementioned THQ WCW vs. NWO.  There was an attack, a grapple, and I guess a block.  My opponent told me about the block button after our first match, to which I lost but I never got the hang of it after my second lost.  Let’s say I rarely loose twice in a row.  The damn kid pissed me off, so I left, lol.  Great looking game overall!


My favorite set of games were at the EA booth, where I demo’d Godfather 2 for a total of 30 minutes.  The game plays similar to Godfather 1, but it feels a whole lot better put together.  The scenery resembled NY, and the missions were very animated with cutscenes and realism.  Controls are much like Grand Theft Auto IV, but the weapon inventory was easier to access.  After I played a mission which was to threaten a store manager with payments I decided since I’ll never collect, it was best to send him with the fishies.  I spent a good amount of time driving around in a “borrowed” taxi and running over pedestrians but was never able to attract “The Law”.  So I gave up the controller to another kid, who continued my kill streak.  It’s always good to train the youngsters.

DC Universe booth, had a Sony Online Entertainment person at every station I saw.  This was a great touch, as I felt they instructed the players with the controls, objectives and possibilities of DC Universe.  It  also rotated a fresh player every 3-5 minutes which made waiting a guarantee to play.  The super hero I played, was Laughing Rat who looked like the clown from “It”.  I spoke with an SOE rep who answered my main question without an answer.

PerezStart – “How much can we expect to pay the monthly subscription for DC Universe, if any?”.

SOE Rep – “SOE has not made a decision on whether there will be a monthly payment.”

PerezStart – “How would Sony PS3’s monthly payments work since all online gaming is currently free?”

SOE Rep – “…..”

After 5 minutes of silence, I asked when the release date was, and I was told there is no official release date.  I guess he gets the monthly payment question alot.

I strolled over to the CRYPTIC booth, and noticed an empty keyboard and mouse with a comic book superhero looking screen above.  Ok, so everyone was entertained with the “Real” superhero they had onstage, and since I didn’t care for the guy in tights (barf), I played Champions Online.  A couple of the things I noticed immediatly, were the confusing controls.  They used the “AWSD” keyboard buttons to move, but to run/walk in a different direction you had to hold down the right-mouse button.  Not intuitive, but maybe it can be changed.  The CRYPTIC Rep, briefed me on what the visions of the game were (since it’s not complete) and how THIS superhero game is different, because you can alter your superpower’s when you’d like to.

Lastly, I hopped on over to where I saw t-shirts being tossed into the crowd.. yes my wife managed to get one.  (women charms)  I asked the Activision Rep, to briefly explain just what Protoype is.  He went on to say, Prototype is a sandbox style action game where you play as Alex Mercer, a shapeshifter who can consume the body of enemies to gain their powers, memory and past experiences.  I watched gameplay as Alex walked up the sides of buildings and looked like a regular human until he took on something that resembled Dr. Octopus from Spider man except hundreds of black tentacles.  The graphics were of course great, and the missions I saw took place in, you guessed it.. NYC!

This is my 2nd ComicCon, and I can tell you the Video Game Isles were pumping with energy and excitement.  I paid my respects through the Comic Book Isles, but the show was overwhelemed with gamers who know comics than comics who game, for sure.  Comic Con ’10? eww sounds weird…

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