Reni’s Maid Cafe & Show! NYC, Dec. 19th! Watch Me Train as a Maid!

Otakus know very well of maid cafe’s which are rich in Japanese Pop Culture and featured in  many an anime.

What if we could bring Akihabara like maid cafe’s to the states,  or to NY?

Well, your wish has been answered, Reni Mimura, a Japanese cosplay performer, has been increasing in popularity latley with her maid cafe’, shows, and guest appearances in NY, such as the The Sakura Festival, and The NY Anime Festival.

Her maid cafe’, show and moe dancers have become so popular, that on November 20th 2010, NHK  the famous Japanese TV Station, “Domo-kun”, filmed the entire show, I was even interviewed by them, you can see me with the bright light shining on me and my Domo shirt below.

This was the first show of Reni’s  that Daniel Perez “BB” and I attended, we  instantly fell in love, she is a really wonderful singer, my favorite song from her being “My shy master”.

The food was amazing in the cafe’, and the whole performance  in general, was spectacular by her and  her Moe dancers.

The maids are adorable, greet you politely, play Japanese games with you, and there is alot of audience participation and suprises throughout the show.

I was so impressed, that I decided to train to be a maid, you can watch me LIVE!  on December 19th!

I have shared photos from the last show, videos and more information on the location itself and Reni!

All in all, it is a very fun and unique experience to be had, attend the shows now before  Reni and her maids sell out concerts, and performances in the near future and are hard to get to!

For only $12 at the door, $10 in cosplay, it cannot be beat! Remember that is not including the meal which is very affordable and worth it as well!

P.S. Shout out to the Reni and all the wonderful maids, Erica, Merry, Alissa, Justina, and all those who are new and that I forgot to mention! Gambatte Kudasai and see you soon! Arigato for the warm welcome!

Further info off Reni’s site below:

The Maid Cafe has arrived to NYC by popular demand!!

The next cafe is scheduled to be on December 19th at Amber Village
hosted by a Japanese Singer, Reni Mimura.

*Maid Cafe

Reni Mimura offers Moe style performances, a genre that emphasizes
the cute look of Japanese pop-culture with the hip appeal of Japanese animation.

What: Reni’s Japanese “Maid” Show + Maid Cafe!!
When: 12/19 (Sun) Maid Cafe Open@12PM Reni’s Show@1:30PM
Amber Village
432 6th Avenue (9th & 10th Street)

Charge: $12 at Door (Lunch not included) $10 in Cosplay
Note: No age limit
You Tube:

For more Information, please visit Reni’s website at

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