The 13 Scariest Cosplay Pics, Ughh

Post 7: 13 Posts on Friday The 13th


[UPDATED] – After requests of more pics of “Hangin’ Blue” I have decided to add them aditionally to this post below.  Enjoy!.

What is Cosplay?  Cosplay is a term that originated in Japan but is based on the English words “Costume Play,” essentially play-acting in costumes. In Japan, CosPlay is not limited to anime/manga, but also a staple of many other entertainment industries such as science fiction and horror. In North America, the term CosPlay is reserved for anime/manga related costuming.


Everyone loves a good Cosplay post.  Usually ones with hot chicks or some original and funny Cosplay make for good conversation. Well, I decided in leui of Friday the 13th, I’d show you guys the 13 Scariest Cosplay Pics on the web.  Please be flexible with the term “Scariest” when you see the pics below.. Yeowsers!

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4 responses to “The 13 Scariest Cosplay Pics, Ughh”

  1. babylinda says:

    What is Eddy Murphy doing in that pink dress?

  2. Carlos Macias says:

    The horror, the horror!

    These pictures are probably scarier than
    the new “Friday the 13th” flick out this

  3. erodz85 says:

    why did the “hangin-blue” pics make the list? thats not scary at all… thats nipples… i mean… nevermind…

  4. […] up in a pop culture character costume and play him or her. As any hobby, it has its good and its bad sides. Anyway, this cosplayer’s excellently cosplaying a zombie now, with a brutally injured […]

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