Turf Battles – Closed Beta Event

Beginning Right Now, File Front and Turf Battles are sponsoring this Closed Beta Event which allows you early access and a beta client.


Turf Battles is a MMORPG where you enter a world of conflict where players can engage in battles with friends and allies against opponents ranging in the hundreds or fight in solo competition in honorable combat.

You’ve been waiting for this moment and now at last Turf Battles Closed Beta is here! Get your early access and your beta client by visiting FileFront.

STEP 1: Visit File Front to receive your Closed Beta Key and download Turf Battles!
STEP 2: Log into the Aeria Website
STEP 3: Enter your Closed Beta Key exactly as you were given in the field below
STEP 4: Install and play!

Enter a world of conflict, where players may choose battles counting in hundreds of opponents, or seek out the honor of single combat.

Establish a tribe, work to capture new land and promote or demote recruits to different ranks within the tribe
Escape the horrors of war and delve into gripping party-only dungeons
Earn riches and grow more powerful. Once a certain level has been achieved, players can develop new skills which transform their very appearance and grant them powerful new moves.
Explore or conquer an expansive world with forests, deserts, islands, castles, lakes, and much more!


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