13 Friday the 13th Posts, Recap

friday-the-13th-jason-maskjpgFor the second consecutive month, we celebrate Friday the 13th.  PerezStart was busy at work bringing you the highs and lows of THAT day last Month in February.  Here’s our recap, and our cheap excuse not to come up with 13 new ones.  If you’re looking for some quickies check out number 9 and 7, ewww scary!

13. Duck Hunt: The Most Horrific Meal On The Planet!!!

12. Scariest and Bloodiest Anime of All time: Elfen Lied

11. Friday the 13th on a Casio Piano, 80’s Edition!

10. Scariest Picture Ever…

9. 13 Facts About … Yup, Friday the 13th

8. IGN’s 13 Scariest Video Games

7. The 13 Scariest Cosplay Pics, Ughh

6. Friday the 13th Trailers – Original vs Remake

5. Triskaidekaphobia – F.E.A.R of the number 13

4. Omokada’s Kokiriko Bushi! Is that where Master Hand ran off to?

3. “Friday the 13th” Giveaway, Chchch Hahaha

2. Change Your PS3 Theme, Jason Style

1. Happy “Friday The 13th” Video Game Review

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