Anthony Maldonado Murdered Over Video Game Dispute

A video game was at fault for murder of 9 year-old boy.

Dolores Beatriz Juelas (centered) lost her only child Anthony Maldonado in Video Game argument.

Anthony Maldonado, 9, was murdered overnight by his cousin Alejandro Morales, 25, due to a fight over a video game in the Harlem burrough of NYC.  Reports claim that the two were playing a late night game into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  At 3:00 AM, Anthony (the victim) knocked on his uncles bedroom door claiming he was being stabbed.  When the uncle opened the door, he saw the 9 year-old passed out on the floor.  An hour later, the boy passed away while doctors attempted to rescue him but were unscuccesful.

“He was in my room door. He said, ‘Uncle, I’m being stabbed. I’m being stabbed,’ and then he fell on the floor,” said Carolos Juela, the victim’s uncle.

An autopsy was performed on young Anthony Maldonado and results revealed there was damage to the perforated left lung and carotid artery.  Maldonado of Palisades Park, NJ died on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 in St. Luke’s Hospital in NY.

While we don’t know yet what caused the argument, many news outlets have put heavy emphasis over this incident happening over a “stupid” video game as reported by Channel 7, WABC. 

Alejandro Morales, who’s mentioned as a friend of the family, is currently being charged with murder and has been arrested.  PerezStart would liked to send our condolences to the Maldonado family and mother Dolores Beatriz Juelas.


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