Beware Of The Japanese Cart Children!


How do Japanese kiddies get around in Japan? Via A la Cart of course, I question how safe this can be but it is a common practice in Japanese daycares all over Japan. When I was a teacher I did do the whole  rope method pictured below with my pre-school kids, but transporting little ones in a cart I do not know if I can approve of.

Perhaps if they installed bumpers and seat belts. Just imagine if this was any GTA games and all the points you would score for hitting one of those! I know, I know bad thought Babylinda but we all get some of those time to time, it’s human right?



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  1. knight28 says:

    It’s a good concept, but it does need more work. You gotta figure the teacher needs to be more than strong enough. And who knows how behaved the kids can or will be.

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