Boy Commits Suicide After Parents Prohibit Gaming

welcome Boy Commits Suicide After Parents Prohibit Gaming

In Bangkok, Thailand a 12 year old boy that was an avid gamer, and was distraught over his parents banning video games from him attempted suicide. He lept from a sixth floor veranda. Police searching for his cell phone found that he had sent several texts to friends complaining of the ban, and saying “tomorrow is my last day.”

Thailand’s Ministry of Health criticized the parents for their handling of the case saying “For children addicted to gaming, the most effective approach is not to ban games but to regulate the time spent gaming.”

According to  his fellow classmates, he placed his bag on his desk and headed straight out onto a sixth floor veranda, with a grim expression on his face, and there immediately jumped to his death.

I do not care what the ministry of health says that kid had far more issues to drive him over the edge than a ban against video games. Perhaps he was abused from his parents or just plain emo and the games were the last straw. Sad story.  I will try my best to never ban video games from my kids and just beat them senseless, the good old fashioned way.


pixel Boy Commits Suicide After Parents Prohibit Gaming

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