Capcom shares deeper insight into the creation of sound effects for Mega Man 11

– Capcom is using a suit of armor to make sound effects in Mega Man 11

– the full suit isn’t worn to capture sound

– Capcom employees wear the suit to make clunky metal sounds for robot noises

– the armor was also used to get the staff into the mindset of a robot

– the helmet was used for the sound effects for the Mets that appear

– a broken bass drum pedal was used for the sound made when robots move their knees

– the sounds by themselves are too raw and don’t fit with the atmosphere of Mega Man

– they add sounds from objects more familiar to everyday life, such as a kettle, and a synthesizer to ‘cute-ify’ it

– as for the Mega Buster sound effect, or the sound effect when Mega Man is damaged, those are made with a synthesizer

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