Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X – details on gameplay modes, accessories and more


– Arcade Mode ported from the original Dragon Ball Heroes

– Ultimate Heroes Mode as well

– Arcade Mode has 36 missions, covering eight from Dragon Ball Heroes, ten character missions, eight Evil Dragon Missions, and ten God Missions

– Ultimate Heroes Mode takes place between the real world and Dragon Ball Heroes world

– in the latter world, there’s an incident where past fighters are losing their sanity, and it’s even affecting the real world too

– players need to fight Dragon Ball characters, restore their sanity, and become partners

– you are tasked with creating the strongest party by strengthening partners to save both worlds

– includes power-up accessories obtained from battles that can be equipped

– more than 240 unique characters and over 3,300 cards

– there will be some differences in game contents compared to the arcade game Super Dragon Ball Heroes

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