Father Beats His Child After Sucking At a Video Game!

42 17322007 Father Beats His Child After Sucking At a Video Game!

Terry Taulbee, 50, was held Tuesday on a domestic violence charge at the Hamilton County Jail.  He is imprisoned for beating his son because he was doing badly in a video game. He hit the boy in the lower back and buttocks and the area swelled and caused a lot of pain for the young boy.

“The boy is with his mother, while Taulbee has been put under a safety plan which forbids him from having contact”, said Brian Gregg, a spokesman for the Hamilton County Job and Family Services. “We are investigating these allegations and looking into it, whether everyone is safe and healthy,” he said. The safety plan will continue until Family Services makes sure everything is OK in the home, Gregg said. “It is going to take some time to investigate and see what kinds of services are needed for the family,” he said.

This is ridiculous. I do not condone child abuse or abuse in general of any kind but if a parent has to beat a child I would think that it would be due to grades or misconduct. That would would make more sense then the  child  being beat  because of losing to video games. If your child is  having a tough time why not help your child and guide him , instead of beating him senseless? That goes for all cases if you talk to your child eye to eye and set the rules and speak to him as a human being, force never has to be involved.


pixel Father Beats His Child After Sucking At a Video Game!


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  1. mrjuandrful

    Maybe Obama should “Change” this? hmmf

  2. Jenny

    Obama change parents beating kids? How?

  3. Jenny

    @Jenny I do recall him saying that children should study first, then be awarded playing games and that parents should spend more time with their kids.

  4. mrjuandrful

    You know, like the South Park episode.

  5. babylinda

    kanye is a gay fish?

  6. busy do Niemiec

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