will be Suspended, Going Offline


In stunning news, one of the premier sites for hosting exclusive videos, demos, patches, and  screenshots will be going away.  Over at, the site reads “We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions we are forced to indefinitely suspend the FileFront site operations on March 30, 2009. If you have uploaded files, images or posted blogs, or if you would like to download some of your favorite files, please take this opportunity to download them before March 30th when the site will be suspended.”

Another big gaming site will be going offline, due to economic conditions. It’s a shame that such a well known site, will be going offline. Ziff Davis Media will be ending FileFront’s services on March 30th. If you have questions/concerns please send those over to as I’m sure they’d like to hear your concerns.  For me, I’d like to see this unfortunate turn of events go in favor of all the hard workers at and wish them a better future!

Leave a comment if you’ve used FileFront at least once!

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4 responses to “ will be Suspended, Going Offline”

  1. babylinda says:

    I wish all the hard workers that took part of the site the best wishes and success in the future. Continue on doing what you love most and making that a career, you have touched millions with your passion! Good luck and God Bless!

  2. Perfrudolus says:

    Such a sad day. I’ve been with file front since I bought KOTOR and started to download mods for it. It will be sadly missed by the modding community

  3. Kezins says:

    I’m surprised they weren’t bought out honestly. While FF has declined some, it still served a needed purpose. I know PC gaming has a small share of the market these days, but there are still a fair amount of PC gamers out there. In addition to PC gaming, it was also a pretty good resource for trailers on the console side. I’m not surprised they went under.. I saw that coming a long time ago. It is a shame to see people you know go jobless in a tough economy though. I’m guessing this is the last we will hear of FF, but it would be nice for someone to purchase it and bring the place back one day.. maybe when the economy favors such a site.

  4. […] week, we broke the story of the site going offline March 30th.  We’ll, here’s the latest news […]

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