Fill in the Blank on Tecmo’s New Game


Tecmo Bowl Wii ???

The greatest “_____” game, ever! (we promise)

On March 24th, Tecmo promises to be releasing an upcoming game worth a “new” adjective or is it a noun?  We’d love to know if it’s going to be “____ __ ______”, because that would be “_____ing” huge news.  Tecmo will allow us to communicate “____” to you on March 24th 7PM EDT.  So if you’re a wiz on Mad Libs or just like to make up random words to fill in the blanks, give us a try.  Best filler for “The greatest “_____” game, ever! (we promise)”, will be a legend commentator on PerezStart!  No cussing as.., sh filthy jerks!

Not sure if there’ll be a prize.  I’ll ask babylinda if she wants to give up her black & white bathroom butterfly wallpaper.  It’s kinda cool, but you know girls…

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