First Look: Alice In Wonderland – Starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

A short while back, I wrote an article labeled, Games you loved but were ashamed to admit. With that theme in mind, Tim Burton is releasing a new 3-D version of Alice in Wonderland  in the Spring of 2010.  Also starring is Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.  I am sure the movie will attract much attention from new and old fans alike. I personally think the Alice in Wonderland (1985 made for TV series) starring Sammy Davis Junior, Ringo Starr and Red Buttons amongst many other famous stars was the best version.

Since this is a gaming site, I want to be the first to support a video game of the movie. I think great things can be done with today’s technology and the imaginative story and plot. This movie will almost certainly be released as a video game, the only question is, will we be too ashamed to admit it? Will the developers take the kid approach or will they try to appease the older gamer, or both? With Tim Burton at the helm, there is opportunity to appease to the adult fan with his dark and dreary twists.

We shall soon see!
Enjoy the new pics…

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4 responses to “First Look: Alice In Wonderland – Starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter”

  1. babylinda says:

    Omg you have no idea what a fan of Tim, yes I call him by his first name and Johnny Depp I am. First he does Willy Wonka now this! I cannot wait! This is awesome news!

  2. knight28 says:

    this will definitely one hell of a movie, both visually and story telling

  3. lechuckgl says:

    This kind of game has been done…and it’s called: American McGee’s Alice…..
    Ok, it’s not quite the same thing…but all the darkness and adult orientation is there.

  4. Johnny Depp. I have been a follower since late 80’s he has come a long way I am only a year and half behind him in age I THINK he’s most brilliant and sexiest man alive

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