Gaming Industry Considered Recession-Proof

The market for premium casual games will exceed $1 billion in revenues by 2013.


In an age where every other industry is suffering, the gaming industry (for the most part) has proven to be recession-proof based on an international research by firm Parks Associates.  In its new report Networked Gaming: Driving the Future II, the firm forecasts the market for premium casual games will exceed $1 billion in revenues by 2013.  Social networking is a path that more gaming publishers should consider to broaden the communication to the casual gamer fan.  For instance, if EA, Capcom, and Tecmo would use social bookmarking sites to lure in gamers who have Facebook and Myspace accounts it would only generate more revenue.

“Game companies should use social networks and gamer communities as marketing and distribution channels for their new and existing games,” said Stuart Sikes, president, Parks Associates. “Gaming has proven remarkably recession-proof, so as companies try to capture subscriber dollars, these offerings will serve as differentiators in a very competitive market.”

They also continue to say…

“Parks Associates notes that social and community features can help companies in casual gaming expand beyond their traditional target demographic of women ages 35-54. Offering features such as a persistent identity and integration with social network sites allows companies to maintain their core audience while broadening their appeal.”

The Parks Associate report also claims that by 2013, the gaming industry can expect 20 million gamers.  Wow, that’s alot of gamertags!

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