Japan’s Economic Stimulus and How Mcdonald’s Is Cashing In!

mcdonalds japan  Japans Economic Stimulus and How Mcdonalds Is Cashing In!

Thought we were the only ones suffering economically? Well, you thought wrong my friends, Japan is getting hit hard as well. The Japanese government has been giving out money to all citizens and even foreigners. This is an attempt to get people to purchase things to get the economy back on it’s feet.  Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? Well if you are in America and are single you probably got back between $300-$600 dollars from the economic stimulus plan.The economic stimulus package in Japan is only 12,000 yen (currently about 125 USD).

This is where Mcdonalds’ in Japan everywhere are trying to cash in and get a piece of that pie. They are selling booklet coupons for exactly 12,000 yen which is worth 20,000 yen, which is a whole lot of junk food! $125 worth of it!  This is enough to feed 29 people and the video below shows exactly how much food that is. Dude! that is a lot of money for some Mcd’s , I do not know if they have a dollar menu in Japan but I think that is the best way to go. How do they stay so slim with Mcd’s around anyway?


pixel  Japans Economic Stimulus and How Mcdonalds Is Cashing In!


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  1. William

    I live in Tokyo and all of my Japanese friends have been talking about this. The overall opinion seems to be puzzled negativity. It’s a gimick. McDs has been raising the price (25% in the last year) and now they are cashing in with a “deal” to help people. A few of my American/Canadian friends have been trying to get 29 people together to have a coupon banquet, but no one seems interested. This would be a big waste of money of health.

  2. babylinda

    Thank you William for your further insight in the matter. I am happy that the Japanese are way too smart to fall for this. Even without the 25% price hike it is really not worth it for your pocket or your health. It is really heartless of Mcd’s to toy with people even though we are in an economic crisis.

  3. greg

    I like they are introducing new America burgers

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