7 Greatest Video Game Urban Legends


We all have heard of them, swore to have done them or know someone whose cousin has. That’s right, I’m talking about Video Game Urban Legends (VGUL). No, we’re not going to talk about the munchkin in the back of “Wizard of Oz” who supposedly hangs himself from the tree. We’re not talking about how there is a ghost in the window in “3 Men and a Baby” who died in that house. Not Bigfoot or Loch Ness. We’re talking Video Games…. We’re talking Urban Legends in Video Games.

We searched high and low to bring to you, our latest installment of these Urban Legends, and hope you enjoy what we have come up with.

Tomb Raider

The Urban Legend – Lara Croft appearing Nude in Tomb Raider

The System – PSX

This story goes as far back as the time when the game was first launched. It was almost like every video gamer wished this one to be true. I’ve heard it all from, “if you go in the water, you’ll see her nude”. Sorry to tell you folks, this one is a big fat lie. If you wanted to see Lara nude in a game, your only option was a mod for the PC game. An interesting notes is that “Lara Croft Nude” is the most commonly searched string on our site. To appease our perv surfers, we posted “Lara Croft Nude NSFW Fan Art” a while back.

Street Fighter II

The Urban Legend – Beat every character without losing a round or match lets you play as the four bosses Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison.

The System – SNES

Well, this is an urban Legend that I believe all Street Fighter 2 players have tried. Now, while it isn’t that impossible, is was very hard. The rumor of playing as one of the bosses, went cross country. It always seemed that the more you went unbeaten the tougher the opponent got. I recall playing one whole day trying this one out, and after going unbeaten straight through Balrog, Vega became impossible. He would hang off the fence and “huaaahhh” with his blades onto my head. Of course, I used Ken and the timing of a shyruken was hard.

No doubt, once I completed the game unbeaten I realized it was a hoax. With people then saying “You have to perfect every round” back I went to the SNES and 15 years later…


Playstation 2

The Urban Legend – Iraq had purchased 4,000 PS2s to launch missiles.

The System – PS2

World Net Daily claims that both the FBI and the US Customs Service are investigating the transfer of thousands of consoles to Iraq. According to a secret Defence Intelligence Agency report, 4,000 PS2s had been bought in the US and shipped to Iraq in 2000.

Some US military experts believe that several PS2s could be linked together to form a “supercomputer”, which could control a missile or an unmanned aircraft. They fear that the console, which contains a 128-bit CPU, could provide the power for Iraq to launch chemical weapons at its enemies.

It’s also very unlikely that bundling any number of PS2s together would actually work in this application, as it would be extremely complicated to have a number of processors accessing shared memory and splitting up the computation. The complex software required would take years to develop. Sony refused to say whether it was possible to link PS2s together to form a supercomputer, explaining that it did not comment on speculative stories.

Super Mario Bros.

The Urban Legend – Jumping over the flag pole at the end of the level

The System – NES

In 5th grade, Kevin Diley once told me how he jumped over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros. I’ve called him on the telephone while I tried, he came over to try, I even asked him to video tape it on his VHS camcorder. He was never able to reproduce it. Till this day, I do not know a single person who was able to jump over the flagpole. I’ve heard of mods, and hacks that allow this. But until I see this:

  1. Cartridge being blown into the bottom
  2. Popped into an original NES
  3. Original NES controller used to jump over flagpole

This will not hold true to me and Kevin Diley will continue to be a liar! The last time we posted this urban legend, we received tons of comments from people claiming they pulled this off. I guess the world is full of Kevin Dileys.

Legend of Zelda

The Urban Legend – There is a dungeon level in the Legend of Zelda that is a swastika.

The System – NES

Now although this is not completly an urban legend, it is more of a terrible version of the game telephone. It starts off with one person saying what they say, and it gets turned and twisted into an Urban Legend. So, let me explain. The third dungeon has the shape of what appears to Western audiences as a left-facing swastika. This shape is actually a “manji”, which is a Buddhist symbol of good fortune. In Japan, where this game was initially released, swastikas and similar shapes are relatively benign, which explains why a symbol so offensive to many Western audiences could be included. In the United States, there were surprisingly few complaints about the manji, but years later, when Pokémon became popular in the United States, Nintendo was forced to alter one of the cards due to complaints regarding a manji.

So take a chill pill, it’s just some Manji – Word of the Day. If you want some swastika gaming action, check out the following YouTube video showing what happened when Hitler was banned from Xbox LIVE (this is NOT an Urban Legend… It actually happened…):


Mortal Kombat

The Urban Legend – A code that enabled the “Blood Code” instead of a grey smokey splat. We can probably thank Al Gore for this retarded series of events. Some of you may not be old enough to remember, but Al Gore was kind of the Jack Thompson of the 1980s and 1990s. His anti-gaming stances were very influential on decisions made by Nintendo. At the time, Sega was under fire for some of their more violent games such as Mortal Kombat and Night Trap.

The System – SNES

This one is fairly easy to explain because it never existed nor was it an Easter Egg. Nintendo was/is very censored so they never allowed blood in their Mortal Kombat game. It was said that the Genesis version of MK sold better because of the fatalities and blood. Nintendo then tried using Genesis’ decision of incorporating blood as a negative, but that never flew. So now you had those Genesis freaks soaked up to their ankles in Hawaiian Punch and it was cool.



The Urban Legend – A government run arcade cabinet was used to collect data. Once played this game would cause seizures, memory loss and people were brainwashed.

The System – Arcade

This game was out for a very short trial run of one month in small arcades in Portland Oregon in 1981. Produced by the company Sinnesloschen ( A German term meaning “sense-deleting,” or “Loss of senses.”), the game gave many players nightmares and many who played it completely swore off all video games afterwards. Others complained of having blackouts and memory loss. Employees of the manufacturer, in black coats came and collected data from the machines as part of a lease agreement. After only one month, all of the machines were removed. ROMs of this game are rumored to be in the hands of some collectors but at this time they are not generally available. Check out more info here at Polybius Theory. We tried for months to find out the origin of this legend, but it seems to have pretty much appeared out of thin air. Did Polybius actually exist? I have a feeling it might have, but there’s really no way to know the full story. To date, there’s no existing proof of the game. Rumors exist that there are some original Polybius ROMs out there, but we have yet to track one down. If you’re a big fan of the Simpsons, the Polybius arcade cabinet makes an appearance in a couple episodes.

Game-play: There are two explainations for game-play.

1: Action/Puzzle game. Rumored to have a rotating 3D Puzzle, along with logic puzzles, and mazes resembling the playing style of Pac-Man.

2: You were flying through a tunnel and had to dodge things in your path. Lights flashing at rapid rates to heighten the effect. Said to resemble a pro-type for Atari’s “Tempest.”(Which was a shooter game. In an article about Tempest, it was said that the prototype caused motion sickness after a period of time.) The basis of the game was to get through a maze without being caught in a trap or a mine. Apparently, the further the levels went, to make the game more difficult, the background would start flashing much like a strobe light, and the spinning of the mazes.

Polybius Wikipedia Page

The following video shows “gameplay” from Polybius, but we’re pretty sure it’s a fake.


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