May The 4th Be With You, Star Wars Day


Today is May 4th.  And Since we’re HUGE Star Wars fans here at PerezStart (PS) we’ve decided to greet everyone this morning with the message “May the 4th be with you” and bring you some Star Wars: The Old Republic details.  Pass it along, spread the word, and impress your cubicle co-workers with this “Play on Words”.

In the upcoming PC game, Star Wars: The Old republic, Majestic forests, toxic swamplands, desert landscapes, and hazardous war zones – the worlds that make up the Star Wars™ universe are unique and enriched with compelling storylines. Watch Developer Dispatch: Diverse Worlds and go behind the scenes to find out how the developers are bringing the worlds of Tython, Korriban, Hutta, and Ord Mantell to life – a few of the many playable worlds in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Enjoy the diversity of the worlds, and see where the Hutt’s planet up close.  Since “Hutta” has not been described in any Extended Universe books, the developers had a blank slate to work with.  Making the world a cesspool with plenty of Hutt Palace’s ontop is a brief description of what to expect in the video below:

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  1. whitX says:

    The new PC game was awesome I’ve tried it and it wasn’t so bad. You know along with this is the The most frequent one you will hear during 4th of May, the May the Fourth be with you. For sometime Star Wars enthusiasts have had fun on this day using this quote, along with today being an excuse to quote Star Wars in general. The simple play of words made us think about Yoda and his sensible wisdom. When studying on some old Yoda quotes, I can’t help but be reminded of a foreign language. It is a lot like mixed English together with Yoda’s own language and made a discombobulate but thought provoking, way to talk to individuals and audiences. So I leave you saying, May the Fourth be with you.

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