No More Drunk Emails With Gmail’s Undo Send Option!

gmail undo send No More Drunk Emails With Gmails Undo Send Option!

Come on, admit it we have all sent emails to our friends and foes that we have regretted sending the second after hitting send! Well no more drunk emails in the middle of the night or breakup emails for that matter! The only catch is that you can only undo after 5 seconds, so if you remember what you wrote only theĀ  dreaded day after you are still pretty much as they say, le-screwed! Well this is at least an advancement in the right direction now if we can only unsend texts!


pixel No More Drunk Emails With Gmails Undo Send Option!


  1. mrjuandrful

    Wait a second… Who says Le-screwed? Only the French and they’re not real people anyway!

  2. babylinda

    A Russian that is who, and you are lucky I ain’t french! lol

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