Olivia Munn Playboy Pics, AmeriGame Idol

Olivia Munn Playboy

Earlier in the week, we mentioned Olivia Munn, G4’s video game host for Attack of the Show, revealed her Playboy Cover shot.  Nice B’s!  But after a couple days of fans oogling the front cover of what is their “AmeriGame Idol”, it was not enough.  So, since we care about “your” wants, we’ve managed to get our hands on some of those pics for ya.

Some will fall in love with Olivia’s strategic hair placements others will question her real motives behind posing for this Playboy cover.  In any event, enjoy the pics.  What do you think of the spread?  Do you think it should have been in Maxim?  Are you impressed with the pics?  We are 😉

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25 responses to “Olivia Munn Playboy Pics, AmeriGame Idol”

  1. Oh, Poor Morgan Webb, she use to once be the hottest Amerigame idol but now can no longer hold a candle to Olivia.

  2. Player says:

    Does Playboy still do nude pictures? They have gotten more PG-13 over time. Playboy will tank as soon as Hef dies.

    Olivia has done these pics 1000 times before. EPIC FAIL

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  4. dave says:

    you know whats krazy in the mag she only in there 1 time and on the cover thats it i mean damn how bout a heads up bfor we go buy it

  5. Y says:

    nope playboy isnt playboy anymore .Its become a swimsuit catalog.I seen more skin in Victoria secret catalog than this lol.anyway wanna waist ur money on this be my guess .Id say give ur money to where its needed or go by ur dad something for fathers day…

  6. Gregg says:

    It’s a nice tease shot. Half the guys who buy this issue soley for Oliva Munn will probably be pleased. I’m sure they’ll be 12 to 17yr olds…

  7. knight28 says:

    she is a hottie. But she doesn’t need to be on the cover of playboy. Maxim or any of the those other mags are perfect.

  8. Kristin Adams! (Holt) looks a lot better then munn

  9. Don J says:

    I wasted $10 on seeing Olivia’s hot bod naked, not to be teased…. Fucking Publishers.

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  11. j deprospero says:

    what a joke, olivia in playboy? yeah right i knew she wouldn’t show anything! and she didnt. only in america! long live prudeish american girls!! god forbid she show a boob. next time pose for game weekly.

  12. Darin says:

    I saw this girl for the first time in playboy. I fell in love with her charm. With the replies above, you don’t have to show everything to have a great photo shoot. I hope this beautiful woman is aroung for a long time.

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  14. otakuman5000 says:

    Jennifer, You look way better that Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb put together. They can’t hold a candle to you.

  15. some one says:

    were her titi at morgan web shoed them off

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  17. Olivia is something that you don’t want to miss!!!!!!!

  18. matt says:

    if you look in the photo where she is pushing her panties you can see a nipple on the far right boob

  19. max says:

    she gonna to start a fire in that couch seh HOT

  20. Olivia Munn says:

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    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy….

  21. Jason says:

    Its ok no naked shot WTF better to look at your bros copy save $10 but she is hot.

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  25. MIKE says:

    dissapointing!!! playboy what the hell is she dressed! why is her breast and vagina/ass covered! isnt this what playboy is suppose to reveil???

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