Online Shopping Goes One Step Further With Virtual Wardrobe!


Honestly, I believe malls will one day soon be a thing of the past. Who has the patience and time to wait in line and drive 40 mins to the nearest mall, certainly not me.  This application will allow you  to upload a photo of your face, to later on mix and match outfits to see how they would look on your virtual you.

 The next step in the makes will be E-fit which would be stepping into a 3-D scanner as it takes measurements of your body. The clothes later can be painted on to that image, so you can see how it would fit against your curves and shape. I think I will wait on the E-fit because even though I can see how clothes would look against my complexion, I hate returning clothes time and time again because of the size! We are moving forward though, this will some day cease live shopping forever I hope!


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