Opie and Anthony Show Rundown, 92.3 K-Rock No More


Our favorite Video Game Shock Jocks are no more.  CBS Radio has let go of the gruesome two-some and Jimmy Norton and will no longer broadcast on 92.3 K rock.  On yesterdays show, E-rock had insider information about the future of the show and admitted he knew that the show was running on fumes.  Well today it’s official.  Opie and Anthony w/ Jim Norton’s syndicated radio show was canceled on 92.3 K Rock.  Following Opie on his twitter account, he made several statements concerning this news leading up to their official catch phrase “your mom’s box”, which means it’s over for O&A fans.

Rival disc jock, Howard Stern was quoted as saying, “Those guys had my time slot and even broadcasted in my old studio and they failed.”  Althogh I partly agree, Howard Stern is also forgetting the time difference of his departure and Opie and Anthony’s arrival to 92.3 K Rock was not immediate.

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