President’s Day Special The Amazing Spiderman Comic “Gettysburg Distress” for Free!!


That is right my friends, debuting today there will be a free Spidey comic online in honor of President’s day named “Gettysburg Distress”.  It is a 6- page  digital comic that is open to the public. The story revolves around Spiderman and  Captain America traveling back in time to witness Abraham Lincon’s “Gettysburg Address”. I can only imagine the havoc that insues!

Who do you have to thank ? Noone else but Matt Fraction who is the writer and fine art by Andy Mcdonald! Also, in case you missed it,  this is the second installment of a 2-parter.  On Friday the 13th the first part, “Spidey Meets the President” was released!

Well , I  do not miss out on anything free and I do love me some Spiderman, so I will be reading this one up as soon as I am done with this article! Happy President’s day by the way to all the lucky stiffs that had off!  If you notice the jealousy in my writing you are absolutely correct!  So, what are you waiting for! Click below to read them now!


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