Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Announced in 2010? [Update]

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Given how many Final Fantasy remakes and spin-offs there have been across a number of consoles in the past 5 or so years, one game every Final Fantasy fan has been begging Square-Enix to consider has to be Final Fantasy VII.  It seems the prayers of Final Fantasy fans might be answered sometime next year.

Tetsuya Nomura, who happens to be one of the chief officers on all things Final Fantasy, was interviewed by Japanese magazine ‘Gamega’.  He was asked what Square-Enix had planned for the coming year.  The question, “Will 2010 be the year for the announcement of the game of his dreams?” was asked.  Tetsuya-san replied with the following:

I can just say, that indeed, whereas I’m still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agito XIII and a little later on The 3rd Birthday (this year), we will announce other games this year and one is terribly awaited from everyone and often “REQUESTED” by fans and even by the press crew that I meet all over the world.

Given that quote, that’s far from actually admitting a Final Fantasy VII remake will be announced. On the other hand, I can’t think of any other Square-Enix game that has been requested by a huge percentage of their fan-base as much as Final Fantasy VII.


[Update: Looks like this rumor might have been too good to be true.  According to a retraction post on RPGLand, it seems their tipster might have fabricated the portion of the interview saying the upcoming game was an often requested game by fans and media.]

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