Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Announced in 2010? [Update]

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Given how many Final Fantasy remakes and spin-offs there have been across a number of consoles in the past 5 or so years, one game every Final Fantasy fan has been begging Square-Enix to consider has to be Final Fantasy VII.  It seems the prayers of Final Fantasy fans might be answered sometime next year.

Tetsuya Nomura, who happens to be one of the chief officers on all things Final Fantasy, was interviewed by Japanese magazine ‘Gamega’.  He was asked what Square-Enix had planned for the coming year.  The question, “Will 2010 be the year for the announcement of the game of his dreams?” was asked.  Tetsuya-san replied with the following:

I can just say, that indeed, whereas I’m still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agito XIII and a little later on The 3rd Birthday (this year), we will announce other games this year and one is terribly awaited from everyone and often “REQUESTED” by fans and even by the press crew that I meet all over the world.

Given that quote, that’s far from actually admitting a Final Fantasy VII remake will be announced. On the other hand, I can’t think of any other Square-Enix game that has been requested by a huge percentage of their fan-base as much as Final Fantasy VII.


[Update: Looks like this rumor might have been too good to be true.  According to a retraction post on RPGLand, it seems their tipster might have fabricated the portion of the interview saying the upcoming game was an often requested game by fans and media.]

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18 responses to “Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Announced in 2010? [Update]”

  1. FF13 Fan says:

    it certainly could be Final Fantasy VII Remake since the two other games he mentioned earlier were both Final Fantasy. it just makes sense that it could be Final Fantasy VII .. can’t wait! =3

  2. martin0326 says:

    i HOPE it is Final Fantasy VII Remake.. =)

  3. sewageking says:

    It might be a remake of Final Fantasy VI or something. I don’t want to get my hopes up for a VII remake.

  4. Briahlen Hand says:

    That statement about “requests” was retracted

    I was so excited too…

  5. Domii says:

    It could be either that or Chrono Trigger. One of the two. Either or will win my heart, anyways

  6. manny says:

    i hope they make it……… i always been into final fantasy games and specially vii…..
    so when is the technical demo for the ps3 going to be realesed?????????????

  7. stuart henderson says:

    i dont know what to think now but i really hope FFVII REMAKE but who knows now its all up to square but we gonna hope and pray

  8. Joe C says:

    Who might squeal if they officially announce a VII remake?

  9. jammyjason says:

    just remake the Fu***** game an give every 1 what they want if it ends up shit (wich it wont )you wil stil make a ton of money [PLEASE FOWARD TO SQUARE-ENIX]

  10. CowJedi says:

    I know man, just remake it!!! even if i have to wait 5 years for it to come out, i willingly will!!!
    but that sucks, my hopes went up substantially too… but yeah, if i had to guess (and im basing this on absolutely nothing) but remakes of games seem to be selling much better than brand new games. (certain ones) and i mean, they remade final fantasy IV like, 3 times – for ps1, for gba, and then the DS! take that energy and make FF VII!!! not VI, VII!!! not VIII, VII!!!!!!!!!!

    that said… theres a pettition for that, and theres like 70k signatures, and i know its flying around constatnly, tetsuya nomura must be asked that everyday and in his dreams!!!

    … i blame square-enix… if it were still “squaresoft” it would have been made already

    ever since square emrged with enix, their games have sucked royally….

  11. pieface says:


    my thoughts exactly!
    i reckon SE think they can get away with making games with crappy storylines just because they cake ’em up with HD graphics! *cough* FFXIII *cough* we all know the truth!
    and as for a FFVII Remake…SQUARE, YOU BETTER REMAKE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES YOU’VE EVER MADE! or else they’ll be sellin’ shit games for the rest of their lives!
    by the way, i have a good feelin’ that we’ll be hearing a FFVII Remake announcement this TGS! i reckon all this “no we’re not gonna do it any time soon” bullshit is said just to throw us off the idea of a FFVII Remake because they wanna suprise us when they finally do announce it, which they will…they’re just too damn slow!
    in the meantime, lets just wait and hope for the best because we all know its gonna happen! 🙂 remember that this TGS is only a month away and its from 16th/17th-19th Sept 2010 so lets all hope for the best…the FFVII Remake announcement, that is! 😀

  12. pieface says:

    Briahlen Hand :
    That statement about “requests” was retracted
    I was so excited too…

    i know, but have hope! dont you die a little inside when you hear that SE “arent planning to do it” or that “it’ll take ten times longer than FFXIII to remake (30-40 years, that is)” all that crap SE throws at their fans isnt helping, they should keep up the hype, not the crap!
    hopefully we’ll hear something about a FFVII Remake this TGS because we know its been green-lit so they’re looking into it at least. who knows? they probably said all that crap just to throw us off the idea because they wanna suprise us! lets hope for the best! 😀

  13. pieface says:

    Joe C :
    Who might squeal if they officially announce a VII remake?

    forget squealling, i’ll fudging scream! 😀
    i doubt all they made was a PS3 tech demo…i reckon they remade all of the FFVII PS1 cutscenes in HD too! lets get EXCITED! 😀

  14. Guisifú says:

    I pray every night asking for a remake of Final Fantasy VII, I’m not losing hope and I hope to present the remake in this TGS 2010 in September … If SE does not present will be a great loss for us and for them… Please do it… This is pathetic … I don’t understand so many lies about the remake… Just do it and do it … I miss talking about the remake of FF7 …

  15. Guisifú says:

    If you hear news say!! Please!

  16. sam says:

    Im currently buying a ps3 just in hopes of a remake. i would also love to see crisis core on psn. that would be great cause it will be the second game i buy for ps3. the first of coarse being FFVII. ive been aching to play but man that remake would be amazing. the story play in HD, listing to the great music in good quality and maybe even have the characters talk to bring in more emotion. this is the only game that SE should be making right now!!

  17. X/ says:

    Where is remake of Final Fantasy VII?!

  18. jheyc says:

    FF7 remake wooh!! cant wait!! for this game

    im so happy coz FF7 remake and FFXIII versus

    only released on PS3

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