Rumor: GTA V is set to take place in Hollywood


Here’s the latest rumor on the setting of GTA.  Grand Theft Auto V is rumored to be set in Hollywood, California.  While many are speculating this to be strictly a rumor, VG247 is claiming this announcement to be made “soon”.  As per vg247, GTAV will be disclosed at a Max Payne 3 event.  Let’s hope it’s at the end or no one will want to pay attention to Max Payne.  Poor Max!

This is filed under “rumor” because no sources were cited and I don’t know when and where this “conversation” took place.  But let’s face it, a GTA V taking place in Hollywood would be great.  I’m wondering how many famous homes they’ll display and how much the street vendors will be selling them for.

On a side note, wasn’t Hollywood the most rambunctious 80’s movie star?

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  1. Would be amazing! Or they could set it up in Miami again. As long as they don’t take London or another rainy city it’s just going to be fine with me 🙂

    But who am I to decide?

    Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany

  2. they all ready did that it was called vinewood

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