Want a Robotic Mini Me Version Of Yourself? Move Over My Buddy and Kid Sister!


I know you all have been aching for clone versions of yourself to do all the hard work for you why you stay home and play games do not deny it, I do to. Well I have the next best thing for you! What about a midget version of yourself? If people question why you are about 4 feet shorter you can just have your mini me reply that you are a littler under the weather. Then you can enjoy a full day of paintball on a Monday. Little Island not to be confused with Lonley Island  are the makers of these little wonders. Their company is based in Tokyo, Japan and are now taking American Orders!

So , if you want one by Next Christmas , hop to it they take about six months to make! One recent example that these robot look a likes were used for was, for husband and bride look a like greeters at a wedding. I do not know whether to take that as creepy or cute! Well this just shows again how much more advanced Japan is from us. Get a move on U.S. , seriously we are still fiddling with 3d and they have mini me robots.



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