Why Alex Rodriguez Should Be Banned From Baseball Video Games

Alex Rodriguez, of the New York Yankees has admitted to using steroids from 2001 – 2003 while he played with the Texas Rangers.


You may think I’m going to far with the above title, but I truly believe that the youngest player in Baseball history to reach 500 Homeruns should be banned from Video Games.  If  Major League Baseball will not punish their players appropriately, then maybe “WE” the gaming media should.  It’s a start that many other publications would consider.  This may trigger promotional activities and other pro-athlete “benefits” to start a trend.  Book signings, appearances etc.  Where else can you publicly admit that you hurt the integrity of the sport/job and continue working without penalty or repurcussions?

As a matter of fact, I believe Alex Rodriguez has insulted all of us Baseball fans and Gamers by admitting his “wrong doing” AFTER several denials.  The MLBPA will be hearing from me on this topic, and I will express my disapproval in their lack of direction for players and fans.  Alex Rodriguez, the “person”, will hopefully hear the “A-Roid” chants and even more negative slurs thrown his way, but how can the Video Game industry take a stance?  Ban him from all future Baseball Video Games.

Many kids who play video games, can have the opportunity to play as their “Idol”.  With this proposal of banning Alex Rodriguez from ALL Future Baseball Games will send a message.  Will it be a strong message?  Maybe.  To the “player”, it may send a message letting them know their popularity and fanbase will drop and eventually diminish due to their poor decsions.  This may provoke protective parents alike to open up a conversation with their sons and daughters on taking harmful substances to better your athletiscm.   Picture this, a young child inserts a copy of his favorite Baseball Video game only to discover that his favorite player, Alex Rodriguez, has been left off the Yankees Roster.  Why?  Because the player he admired for so many years, has betrayed him, took anabolic steriods, and decided that playing baseball as a selfish athlete meant more to him than the responsibility of being a “Role Model”.  The child will regretfully understand that harmful descions also have consequences.  Bottom Line, The impact on banning Alex Rodriguez from video games will send a positive message to our kids.

To conclude my argument, allowing Alex Rodriguez to wear pinstripes is a poor decsion by the Yankees organization that believes winning is more important than the message/image their player may exhibit.    Oh yeah, and money.  In the Yankees eyes – the investment made in Alex Rodriguez is greater than the impression he will have on any youngster.  Prove me wrong NYY.  Prove me wrong MLB.

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