30 responses to “Why Alex Rodriguez Should Be Banned From Baseball Video Games”

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  4. mzitt11

    I couldn’t stand him from the get go…this makes me hate him even more. I wonder if the steriods gave him his blonde highlights!

  5. babylinda

    Wait steroids give blonde highlights!!! no More hair appts with Eduardo fo me!

  6. babylinda

    Well I take nasacort which contains a steroid if that counts.

  7. Ryan

    you’re an idiot.

    He’s not the only player ever to use steroids. Just face it, this was a steriods/enhancement era and has to be taken for what it is.

  8. Will aka Kezins

    He should be banned. (along with the other players) Records should also be stricken from the books. I think its about time we gave Roger Maris and Hank Aaron their homerun records back.

  9. Playbwoi

    Stupid article, Non-sense, if A-Rod should be banned, then the rest of mlb players that tested positive should be banned too, Jason giambi, Andy pettite, Brian roberts, Gary Sheffield, plus all the ones named in the mitchell report, stop talking stupid non sense you yankee and A-rod hater, you are the one that should give a good example to your kids not A-rod, haven’t you done any mistake in your life? you are nobody to judge A-rod, maybe if you were a mlb player u would have used steroids too, but maybe that’s why you are so jealous because he is an mlb player thats making millions and your not.

  10. Playbwoi

    Roger Maris, Babe ruth, mickey mantle etc didn’t take steroids because it wasn’t invented yet, if they were playing in this they would have done it too. Plus remember steroids were legal and mlb wasn’t doing anything to stop the problem, why because they were making money on players, they were happy every time the stadium was sold out because a players was breaking a home run record, now thanks to canseco everything came out to light and they wanna act like they didn’t knew and that they mlb have a problem, yes they have a problem players will not hit so many homeruns anymore so stadiums wont so full anymore and that means less money.

  11. Alex

    Hey mr author, you’re a hypocrite and this article is just a pretty bad article. if you’re going to ban alex rodriguez from all future baseball games, then you have to support banning EVERYONE who has ever tested positive for steroids from future video games. otherwise you’re just being biased, unfair, and unreasonable. they did the same thing he did, why should their treatment be any different?

    this is just a bad article, it’s all about using a famous name to get hits. i don’t notice this author mentioning a single other player who he thinks should be banned from video games who took steroids, only alex rodriguez. gee, must be a real sports fan there. what a joke this article is.

  12. Playbwoi

    I never heard A-rod denying taking steroid, but what player that tested positive didn’t deny it for the first time and then they admit it. but that is not the case, the problem right know is that the man came out a said the truth, he knew people were going to judge him but still he faced like a man and i respect him for that, he didn’t deny it like Clemens or Bonds. But u know what you never know what’s worst telling the truth or hide it, if he had lied they would have punished him, now the stupid a-hole commissioner don’t know why is he still commissioner wanna punish him because he came out and said the truth, i really don’t get the point

  13. ernesto

    a-rod is the best player in baseball with or without steroids! You can wipe his 3 years and he will still break records. He used steroids, thats it so did everyone else in that time. Everyone wants to hate on him because he is the best and makes the most money. He has done more with the steroid admission than others, he says he wants to help the youth by talking to them. Who knows if he would really do that because he will be the only one and will be known for that so I don’t know. Taking Arod out of a videogame says nothing,trading him from the yankees says nothing. His actions after his admission will hopefully make up for the HUGE mistake he made. Everyone is quick to be critical of someone else but if you were in there shoes what would you do? Man what if it was Jeter? None if this crap I guarantee it!

  14. coffee

    at this point i can hardly remember whether using steroids in pro sports is illegal or not

  15. gay Fischbach

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  16. noreen Schuetz

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  17. Infowlhoili

    Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like search engine, http://google.com if you don’t, go there to understand why this post is bullshit

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  20. Jack-O

    If the estimations that up to 70-80% of players used steroids during this era, than how much of a performance enhancement could they really be. You also have to realize that the great players who used were still better than those who didn’t. I mean Nefi Perez got caught twice with steroids. Yet Nefi Perez still sucks and A-Rod, Bonds, Clemens, and all of the rest still were head and shoulders above the rest. As for the idea of banning players because they were bad role models or brought shame through Cheating or behaviour let me just give a brief history of baseball. Hall of Famer Tris Speaker was openly in the KKK, Ty Cobb had admited to throwing at least one game in his career and once went into the stands and paralyzed a fan because they were heckling him. HOFer Gaylord Perry openly admits to throwing the spitball for his entire career. Countless players through the 60s, 70s, and 80s used Amphetamines to help get them through a season without tiring. Baseball has been full of cheaters and horrible people throughout its history, and yet many still find residence in the Hall of Fame. The outrage over the steroids era can be better attributed to the explosion of sports media through the advent of the internet in the late 90s.

  21. Kezins

    A lot of players used steroids, but I highly doubt it was up to 70-80%. Where did you get that figure? I don’t think they should be banned for their outside lives like you mentioned. Steroids is enough. I could really care less if Tris Speaker was in the KKK. We live in America and you can join whatever club you want even if its a club of dumb rednecks. Gaylord Perry is a good example though. His stats should be taken out of the record books.

    In the end, anyone who used steroids should be banned and brought up on criminal charges as well. There’s no excuse for this. You can’t use the past as an excuse. These bums like Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, etc do not deserve their records. It’s a real shame that fans are being driven away from baseball because of this. I was a huge baseball fan most of my life, but I really don’t care much for the sport anymore. I think Juan does have a point that these guys should be excluded from the games. Kids look up to these guys and if they get away with breaking federal laws and breaking the rules of baseball, kids will think its ok to use illegal drugs as well.

    Excuses are excuses. These guys have none that fly with me.

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