Bite-Size Podcast: The Sims™: The Movie™

We’ve been asked to speak politics since our voices sound as smooth as silk chocolate in a glazed vase. That’s pronounced vahz not vaze! (Run time: 7:33)

EA has reporteldy shown interest in making The Sims™: The Movie™. If they can afford to make it (sarcasm) will YOU show interest? Juan and Carlos have different opinions on The Sims™: The Movie™ idea, and it has nothing to do with all those ™’s. Who’s right?

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. i think the only people that still watch 80’s movies are hicks and those damn terrorist over sea’s and if u where patriotic and love America u would void all the movies and don’t buy and or even think of them, hasn’t bush done enough for u to hate those umm how can i put this not racists “terrorist”, GOD BLESS AMERICA………………….i kidddddddd……………not really

  2. damn it my pic wont work :((im left with my e-moticons only) damn democrats

  3. You sure you commented in the right post? LOL

  4. umm I’m not a hick and I love 80s movies. It brings me back to a time when things weren’t so evil. Life is better now in many ways, but the 80s were a simpler time and maybe a time when things were more fun.

  5. wasn’t the 80’s when aids was umm first recorded or whatever(may i add it was in LA) and wasn’t the cold war happening and wasn’t Russia at war with Afghanistan and wasnt the 80’s when Fox Network’s started in America, and Oprah started the bitch i hate her so much (raises fist in air), and who can forget John Lennon got killed in the eighties and that asshole Ronald Regan was president(Reaganomics…yay!) , John Belushi died, and bitch Maggy Thatcher gets elected again and i think starts the invasion of the Falklands and crack is introduce, they sure were more fun i would have love to smoke crack while see oprah and fox and at the same time get some aids from my friendly neighborhood druggie that’s selling her umm vg for money
    (isnt this the podcast of the remake of the sims???i was just trying to improve america by telling them what to do thats the only way to do it, bush method all the way)

  6. Wow, you sure did your research there, buddy.

    A LOT of stuff sure went down in the 80s.

  7. every decade had their problems. You do have a point with Oprah. I honestly feel that she’s greatly responsible for the decline of society.

  8. doesn’t everyone know those events? yea see every decade has there problems u just remember them as fun cause u were younger u dint care about what was happening probably couldn’t get that much information on it anyways since the internet open up information travels better and i think cnn wasnt in america yet so we couldnt really get none us related news from the other parts of the world

  9. lol…agreed.

    We’re incredibly naive as kids. Actually,
    even now, as adults, we stay away from
    the “news” playing our video games.

  10. lol second that notion

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