Bully Arriving to PC, Oct. 24th

Bully: Scholarship Edition is making it’s way to PC this fall on Oct. 24th!

One of the more controversial games mentioned back in 2006 is making their way to PC.  The original Bully, was a very fun, RockStar game.  If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto III, or The Warriors you know the style of gameplay I’m referring too.  The game was re-released earlier this year for the Wii and X360.

I’m not quite sure why Bully was so controversial.  I mean, the title misinterpreted the game completley when I first played it.  I’m sure when critics first saw the title Bully and the afformentioned, pushing the boundries RockStar was developing the game people thought the worse.  Bully took Jimmy Hopkins as a young troubled student transfered to Bullworth Academy.  Your main mission was to battle then assist other cliques ie geeks, jocks, rich kids, greasers and finally bullies.

It was on my top 5 games of 2006 for the PS2!

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